It wasn’t until my first J-O-B fresh out of University where I discovered I had something special for teaching, coaching and speaking in front of a group of people. My unique flavour of leadership, insights, and powerful questions are just some of the few things you can expect from me. I am the type of leader who calls it like I see it along with compassion and holding the space for what you need to grow and develop. The journey so far has had plenty of beautiful gifts, lessons, and challenges along the way. I know that when I speak, train, and coach from the heart, it’s magical. My vision is to humanize the workplace and create leaders who take personal responsibility for their careers and lives. I create an experience for learners to dive deep, connect with one another (again), and reflect on the learning to inspire true transformation and growth. I enjoy speaking and delivering workshops centered around Meet Your Inner Leader, The Drama-Free Triangle, Emotionally Decoupling, Navigating Toxic Players in the Game, Bold Conversations, Powerful Communications, Professional Fundamentals, Carefree Resilience, How to Accept Feedback Like a #BOSS, Exploring Your Skills, Customer Contact and Care, and Superhero Guest Experience as a few examples.

What people are saying about Sonia

“Sonia is passionate and humble. She invests a lot of time into her workshops regarding valuable content and especially her audience as she wants to be able to truly understand their thought process. I attended her workshop, Meet Your Inner Leader at CGI, and I am aware that we all have an inner leader within us regardless of the position we hold professionally, we just have to practice to tap into that inner leader when faced with difficult/unknown situations in a professional or personal setting. She is very open to understanding people who come from different walks of life who need advice in terms of professional or personal growth. She truly gets the best out of an individual by recognizing their strengths and at the same time giving them advice on how to work on other skills that may need developing to become the leader they are meant to be. What I love about her coaching style is that her workshops leave you more than what you came in with. I always feel I become more confident than before and a bit more balanced.”

Naazia Pardhan – Project Control Officer at CGI

“My top takeaways from Sonia’s workshop on Employers Want Leadership is how different approaches to leadership can help you make connections, how there can be many different leadership roles and varies person to person and turning personal experiences into lessons that can help you take the next step in a career pathway. Sonia’s strengths as a facilitator are her ability to connect with students and expand on their experiences and turn that into a conversation/ point of interest. Personal connection and ability to mingle with class. Since the workshop, I am more self-aware of what skills and qualities I possess, as well as have the confidence to talk about them in a way that does not come off as bragging yet makes an impact on the opposite person. I’ve also learned that one can take on a leadership role in many ways, just needs to identify them at the right time and take action. We had great communication and rapport right from the very beginning, friendly, good teamwork, encouraging attitude.”

Maha Rizvi – Course Administration Associate at University of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance

Recent Speaking and Workshop Engagements

  • Meet Your Inner Leader – CGI
  • Facilitated Business Plan & Objectives Meeting – Electronics Product Stewardship Canada
  • Mind Mapping for Business – The City of Kitchener
  • Creating Balance – Humber College
  • Coaching for Performance – Humber College
  • Meet Your Inner Leader – Index Exchange
  • Bossy Grossi Public Speaker – PechaKucha at the Markham Village Library
  • Mastermind Leader at InFounders Women’s Business Mastermind
  • Mind Mapping and Making Tough Decisions at Humber College
  • Service Excellence Program at North York General Hospital
  • The Drama-Free Triangle at North York General Hospital
  • Meet Your Inner Leader at Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)
  • Leadership and Employ your Skills University of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance Program
  • Professional Fundamentals New Graduates Program at CGI
  • Play a Bigger Game Kid Coaches at Future Possibilities for Kids
  • Bold Conversations at Howard Park Children’s Centre
  • Powerful Communications at Howard Park Children’s Centre
  • Bossy Pants at Detroit International Academy Girls School
  • Leadership Essentials at The Toronto Blue Jays
Professional Fundamentals Augut 17
Professional Fundamentals Workshop at CGI

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