Sonia delivers + facilitates fun and raw training experiences to leaders and teams. She grows and develops leaders by creating vulnerable spaces that are honest, real and engaging. Each program provides practical skills and tools to increase productivity, performance, trust, communication and team building. Sonia gets to the root of the problem and offers insights and solutions to reach a common ground as a team. She creates spaces as a Certified Co-Active® Coach, masterful facilitator, and truth teller for everyone to have an experience they aren’t used to having in their day to day lives.

Sonia’s Story

Sonia began her corporate journey as an HR professional once she received her Human Resources Management Bachelor of Commerce at Ryerson University. She had the pleasure of supporting an HR department with 300 employees, and delivered her very first corporate training program, Diversity and Culture Training Workshop to 100 team members. This is where Sonia learned she had a gift for creating safe spaces where people feel they belong.

Her gift is to hold a space for people to feel safe and explore the depths of their inner knowing and express who they are without judgement. Through this experience, transformation happens and everyone isn’t afraid to be the leaders they want to be.

She accepted multiple positions at various organizations both public, private and not for profit, met a ton of people, learned how organizational cultures impacts employees, internalized what leadership was and became very aware of the challenges that were front row and centre.

She saw people who weren’t recognized for the leaders they are, the leaders they could be with the strengths and gifts they had to offer, and the passion they held close to their hearts. She realized that it would take a lot of work to change structures and systems that have been in place for years and felt like she didn’t have the resources to be able to do so on her own at that stage in her career.

Sonia had the awareness of what felt like her calling or purpose. She wanted to be able to have an impact on a larger scale, and wasn’t okay with settling for, “Just do as much as you can do in a short amount of time.”

So she began to upgrade her education and skills by completing an Instructing Adults Certificate, pursued her CPCC designation to be a certified professional Co-Active® coach, and signed up for a 10-month leadership program to discover more about leadership, her impact and quest in life.

Sonia challenges the status quo. She shows up and takes a stand for people who are ready to experience something different and new. She truly listens to people on a deeper level to reveal what’s needed at the moment.

Sonia Grossi Coaching + Consulting Co. creates programs and experiences that make sense and offer practical tools and skills to use in our day to day lives. Anyone who experiences Sonia and her programs knows that her leadership lights up a room and activates the unique strengths of the group. Her programs are said to be fun, playful, guided, supportive and exploratory.

As your certified coach and facilitator, this is my zone of genius. My safe haven where I feel most alive. It’s my playground to be my most authentic self while giving others permission to discover who they are and what they bring to the table. My determination to grow and lean into the unknown is what has supported me to be a masterful facilitator and coach because I know that the world is craving a new kind of leadership.

We want to be seen and heard and people are waking up to that. We are seeing that we are a whole person that comes with a vocation, life purpose, value system, feelings, dreams, friendships, relationships, goals, and strengths. It’s hard to shut that off and ignore it for too long.

My vision is to humanize the workplace and create leaders who take personal responsibility for their careers and lives. I create an experience for learners to dive deep, connect to themselves and with each other when it’s been lost, and reflect on the learning to inspire true transformation and growth. My style is facilitating leaderless experiences for each person to show up as they are with their unique strengths.

I grow the leader within.


Leading the Self

Meet Your Inner Leader, What’s Your Impact, Coaching Skills for Collaboration, Goal Setting, Empowered Communications, The Drama Free Triangle, Own Your Confidence Powers, Emotionally Decoupling, Bold Conversations, Powerful Communications, Professional Fundamentals, Exploring Your Skills for New Grads, Service Excellence and Customer Experience, Vision Boards, one on one Leadership Coaching, and more.

Leading Others

Coaching for the Emerging Leader, Goal Setting, Visioning, What’s Your Impact, Leadership in Motion, Situational Leadership, Creating the Right Corporate Culture, Change Management, Service Excellence and Customer Experience, Organization Experience and Engagement, one on one Leadership Coaching, and more.

Leading the Organization

Change Management + Process Improvement, Corporate Culture Dissemination, Focus Groups, Employee Engagement Revamp, Coaching for Leaders, Visioning, Strategic Leadership, Consulting, one on one Leadership Coaching and more.


Reach out to Sonia at and ask how some of her programs can be an incredible addition and experience at your next retreat.

What people are saying about Sonia

“Sonia is passionate and humble. She invests a lot of time into her workshops regarding valuable content and especially her audience as she wants to be able to truly understand their thought process. I attended her workshop, Meet Your Inner Leader at CGI, and I am aware that we all have an inner leader within us regardless of the position we hold professionally, we just have to practice to tap into that inner leader when faced with difficult/unknown situations in a professional or personal setting. She is very open to understanding people who come from different walks of life who need advice in terms of professional or personal growth. She truly gets the best out of an individual by recognizing their strengths and at the same time giving them advice on how to work on other skills that may need developing to become the leader they are meant to be. What I love about her coaching style is that her workshops leave you more than what you came in with. I always feel I become more confident than before and a bit more balanced.”

Naazia Pardhan – Project Control Officer, CGI

“My top takeaways from Sonia’s workshop on Employers Want Leadership is how different approaches to leadership can help you make connections, how there can be many different leadership roles and varies person to person and turning personal experiences into lessons that can help you take the next step in a career pathway. Sonia’s strengths as a facilitator are her ability to connect with students and expand on their experiences and turn that into a conversation/ point of interest. Personal connection and ability to mingle with class. Since the workshop, I am more self-aware of what skills and qualities I possess, as well as have the confidence to talk about them in a way that does not come off as bragging yet makes an impact on the opposite person. I’ve also learned that one can take on a leadership role in many ways, just needs to identify them at the right time and take action. We had great communication and rapport right from the very beginning, friendly, good teamwork, encouraging attitude.”

Maha Rizvi – Course Administration Associate at University of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance

“Sonia is an insightful and dedicated executive trainer, coach, facilitator, and a leadership consultant. Her expertise in adult learning along with her human resources experience position her ideally for personal and organizational training. Sonia has helped our team develop a more effective way of communication, be more resourceful and strengthen our decision-making process. Her passion, her keen sense for human connections and psychological insight is what sets her apart.”

Olga Rozin Proger – Principle, The Palette Project

Recent Speaking and Workshop Engagements

  • Resilience During Difficult Times Virtual Training – Riverdale Hub Center – Immigrant Women’s Centre (non-profit)
  • Resilience and Positive Intelligence Virtual Training – Public
  • Emotional Intelligence Fundamentals Virtual Training – Aecon University
  • Coaching for the Emerging Leader – National Shunt Services
  • Self-Love Masterclass – Virtual – Public
  • Process Improvement + Change Management – Humber
  • The Drama Free Triangle – Markham Stouffville Hospital Department of Paediatrics
  • Goal-Setting Workshop – Lamenza Corporation
  • What’s Your Impact? – National Shunt Service
  • HR Strategy Planning + Team Building – National Shunt Service
  • Coaches Gathering 2019 – Rangle. io – Agile Coaches
  • What’s Your Impact Workshop – The Village Hive
  • Own Your Confidence Powers – National Shunt Service
  • Leadership in Motion – National Shunt Service
  • Creating Boundaries to Unleash Your Greatness – The Village Hive
  • Improve Your Memory – Humber
  • Awkward Conversations – Humber
  • Making it Happen – Humber
  • Creating Balance – Humber
  • Getting Organized with Outlook – Humber
  • Empowered Communications – National Shunt Service
  • Meet Your Inner Leader – National Shunt Service
  • Meet Your Inner Leader – CGI
  • Annual Strategic Objectives Decisions – Electronics Product Stewardship Canada

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