Unleash Your Inner Leader Program

In this program, we identify what leadership means to you, what’s holding you back, and develop your knowledge, skills and attitudes in the following areas for high preforming leaders in your organization.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Conflict Management
  • Leading Teams not Managing Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence

What’s Included:

  1. Needs Assessment – This is where we dig into the problem and get clear on what is holding you back within leadership in your organization.
  2. Program Delivery I come to you and facilitate a half-day/full-day workshop to your leadership team and create a safe space to learn and grow from one another.
  3. Follow up Group Coaching – We host monthly group coaching calls for three months after the training delivery date to ensure skills are maintained in the workplace.
  4. Results – Unleash your Inner Leader will help increase your leadership effectiveness. This programs begins by identifying your best leadership practices and your challenges. Where you’ve been stuck, this program will move you forward. Where you have blind spots, I’ll help you see. Where you’ve been frustrated, we’ll get at the root causes and find solutions.

Instructor Presentation Includes:

  • Full-group discussion
  • Small-group interaction
  • Individual exercises
  • Practice exercises


Email me at sonia@soniagrossi.com for more details.