“I attended Sonia’s Meet Your Inner Leader Workshop and one thing that really stuck with me is how important it is to understand and embrace your own unique leadership style. It takes courage to be who you really are, and it is no different for leadership. This workshop really helped me understand that. I would describe the workshop as motivational, authentic, unique. I felt like I had gained some tangible next steps for how to create my own vision. Sonia’s facilitation is very approachable, relatable and hands-on.

-Stacy Pollack, Learning Specialist at Tucows

“Sonia is passionate, determined, and hardworking. She is organized, and each step leads me to see things in a new light. Sonia’s passion for seeing the best of us and allowing us to become better. If you are in need of shaking your life up, “Sonia the Disruptor” is the coach for you, either one on one, live workshops or check out her YouTube videos for encouragement.”

-Cheryl Piccattoli, Owner of Live Your Dreams/ Female Solo Travel Agent

“Sonia is open, honest and real. She is in the moment with her client and really listens. During our coaching session, she reinforced my next steps. She is someone who listens, and asks the right questions.”

– Lisa Blanchet – Director of Change Management, Manulife

“Sonia is intuitive, positive and highly intelligent. Her coaching style is direct and offers compassion and empathy for where I am at. She is emotionally intelligent and able to see the truth in what I am saying and draw it out. What’s shifted for me since our coaching sessions, is that I have more clarity and peace of mind. I feel at ease with my decisions and empowered to take action. Hire Sonia if you need support in creating a new path for yourself and leaving comfort zones behind in the dust!”

-Reena Mistry, Commercial Account Manager, TransCanada Pipelines

“Sonia is compassionate, thoughtful, happy and I found Sonia really listened to me when I would talk to her and was able to ask questions that got me really thinking and into the moment. I was able to come to some impactful insights with Sonia. A new insight after Sonia coached me was to be more present in my life. Sonia is a really great listener and will give them her full attention. She will be 100% in that moment with them and guide them to drive deeper insights. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sonia!”

-Erica Gocht, Director, Global Accounts at Reinsurance Group of America 

“Sonia is empathic, intuitive, respectful and I noticed a caring approach supported by empathic and effective listening skills through her coaching. I had an opportunity to witness her ability to leverage her intuition to help guide a meaningful discussion with clients. A safe and trusting coaching environment can be anticipated.”

– Vania Sakelaris, Principal, VAS & Associates

“Sonia is powerful, brave, creative, and strategic. She is a powerhouse of a facilitator, engaging her attendees in a warm and authoritative way.  She is able to draw out the humanity in every participant, helping to foster a fun, fast-paced learning environment. Sonia always models what true unabridged action looks like – she has a drive to succeed that is a sight to behold. Hire Sonia if you need to get shit done and you know you need a friendly, firm push and powerful ally in your corner!”

-Danika Zoe, Organizational Change Manager + Coach, Canadian Tire and Founder, Fearless + Co.

“Sonia is insightful, intuitive, and confident.  What I noticed about her coaching style is that she is very open, calm and honest. Sonia is focused and pragmatic.  I really enjoyed working with her and her approach.  She truly was there with me through our coaching sessions together.”

-Daphne Kao, Director of People and Culture, Knixwear

Sonia delivered the Drama Free Triangle Workshop on January 12, 2018 to Patient Experience, Quality Improvement and Patient- and Family- Centred Care teams at North York General Hospital

My top takeaways from Sonia’s Drama Free Triangle Workshop is becoming more self aware you can create an empowering environment for your staff and for your colleagues. Sonia’s facilitation and delivery is easy to understand, appropriate length of time, and useful/practical information. What’s shifted since the workshop is I’ve gained a new perspective, increased self-awareness, ‘toolbox’ to empower team members. Sonia is fun, effective, and delivery/results driven.

– Jennifer Quaglietta, Director, Patient Experience, Quality and Patient- and Family-Centred Care, North York General Hospital

Sonia facilitated The Drama-Free Triangle to North York General Hospital Clinical Team Managers Retreat on October 25, 2017

“I learned coping strategies to deal with dramatic individuals.  Sonia’s facilitation and delivery gave a relaxed environment and she is knowledgeable in her presentation; aware of her audience and knows how to navigate her presentation. What shifted for me since the workshop was I learned new tools /skill set when dealing with difficult individuals, being self aware of approaching direct reports, better understanding / insight on different personalities. I would recommend Sonia to my colleagues for future trainings.”

-Marcela Tutay, Clinical Team Manager at North York General Hospital 

Sonia delivered Employers Want Leadership Workshop to the University of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance 450 first year students, September 30, 2017

“My top takeaways from Sonia’s workshop on Employers Want Leadership are how different approaches to leadership can help you make connections, how there can be many different leadership roles and varies person to person, and turning personal experiences into lessons that can help you take the next step in a career pathway. Sonia’s strengths as a facilitator are her ability to connect with students and expand on their experiences and turn that into a conversation/ point of interest. Personal connection and ability to mingle with class. Since the workshop, I am more self aware of what skills and qualities I possess, as well as have the confidence to talk about them in a way that does not come off as bragging yet makes an impact on the opposite person. I’ve also learned that one can take on a leadership role in many ways, just needs to identify them at the right time and take action. We had great communication and rapport right from the very beginning, friendly, good teamwork, encouraging attitude.”

-Maha Rizvi, University of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance – Course Administration Associate

“Sonia is very approachable and easy to partner with. She listens to what you are looking to develop and really works with you to build that. She is responsive and goes out of her way to assure you that things are on the right track. She is honest and transparent. Sonia developed and facilitated our first New Grad workshop and ensured our program workshops were off to a great start. She checked in frequently, asked for feedback, and ensured we were on the right track to develop a course that met the objectives of what we were trying to achieve. Our New Grads took away a lot of valuable tips and tricks that they are still using. Sonia really made the session fun and engaging for our New Grads. She incorporated some games and activities that they really enjoyed. She was also very real and helped explain why learning certain things were important/relevant to know. Overall, it was a pleasure partnering with Sonia and looking forward to utilizing her services again in the near future.”

-Nabila Kanji, Program Manager for New Graduates at CGI

“Sonia facilitated her very own “Play a Bigger Game” for FPK’s SkillBooster Event. She designed a safe space for participants to “play big” right the room with her and that is not an easy task for trainers/facilitators to achieve. It takes a willingness and encouragement from all parties and Sonia’s decision to share real stories made her relatable – this is key to others wanting to connect, share and discover. I love Sonia’s style because she dove right in and everyone jumped in with her! The decision for participants to share their stories, beliefs and truths was an exemplary display of Sonia’s leadership and left a positive impact on everyone in attendance.  Sonia is adept at delivering a passionate, insightful and thought-provoking workshop that encourages participants to go on their own journey of self-discovery and ask themselves the more “difficult questions” in an attempt to learn, grow and inspire themselves to ‘play bigger’. Sonia provides a supportive and relatable environment so that her audience is at ease and in a state of openness to receive her messages. Sonia’s workshop was intentional and perfectly suited to meet the needs of her participants. She offers a variety of materials to assist in the delivery of her messages (ie. PowerPoint, handouts, conversation, videos) which were stimulating and impactful for several different learning styles in the room. Thank you for sharing such a transformative workshop with our community and helping to develop a stronger sense of connectedness amongst the FPK community.”

 Nicole  – Nicole Gillespie, Program & Operations Manager at Future Possibilities for Kids

“I’ve known Sonia for a VERY long time and we’ve been good friends since the day we met. Sonia really helped me take a look at my career in a new way and because of that, I took a leap of faith and went back to school full-time to pursue my passion in social work. I needed to have a difficult conversation at work to express my new career path and at first I was afraid to do it because that meant changes. Sonia coached me through this conversation and gave me the confidence I needed to show up as a confident leader in that moment at work. Needless to say, that conversation went really well and I am looking at other opportunities within my company that gives me the flexibility to focus on school and work at the same time. I highly recommend Sonia to help and coach others who are like me feeling stuck and don’t know what to do next.”

Ragas – Jennifer Ragas, Manager

“Sonia is a consummate professional who models what success would look like. Her work ethic is consistent. Sonia was in my design class at George Brown College and since then we’ve kept in touch. She brings confidence to the table and asks the right questions to get the answers she needs to get to know what challenges her clients and really support them accordingly. Sonia’s training design and delivery skills, combined with her own experiences, makes her deliverables unique and effective. She delivers fun and results-focused leadership and communications programs. I highly recommend Sonia for her ability to get to the root of the problem and offer valuable training solutions.”

– Dr. Robin Yap, LLB, MSc, DM, Professor, George Brown College

“Sonia really listened to the needs of our Organization. She was extremely patient and accommodating to our specific requests. I decided to hire Sonia because I had been in one of her previous seminars and thought my staff could benefit from her knowledge and experiences. Her facilitation created an atmosphere that was light and fun. Staff members participated openly and felt supportive and safe. Sonia kept the seminar moving, moved around the room and ensured she captured eye contact with the staff. Materials presented were easy to follow and well researched to meet our needs. The staff gained valuable tools to support their everyday communications. It has only been a couple of weeks since Sonia was in and the staff are openly using these tools on a daily basis. Highly recommend Sonia. We’re looking forward to working with Sonia again in the future!”
Heather Humphries.jpg – Heather Humphries, Executive Director: Howard Park Children’s Centre

“Sonia was the epitome of grace under pressure. She was consistently a cheery presence, source of encouragement and a ‘go-to’ resource for learning and solutions. As a facilitator, Sonia imparted her knowledge and reasoning clearly and competently, utilizing humour and methods of teaching that accommodated various learning styles.  Her calm demeanor drew people in, made the tasks appear less daunting and put people at ease. She created an environment that was engaging and safe for new and sometimes complex learning, and this assuredly assisted in the retention of volunteers throughout the Games. Sonia made clear expectations, goals and timelines, and provided the means and training necessary to successfully fulfil the volunteer role.  I am grateful for the leadership of Sonia Grossi who immeasurably contributed to this remarkable and extraordinary experience at Toronto’s 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games.”

Judith HeadShot.jpg – Judith Duguid, MSW, RSW, Life & Wellness Coach: Volunteer at  TORONTO2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

Sonia  has a learning mindset that enables her to continue to grow and learn from every situation – this is a true asset as an instructional designer.  As far as instructional design, Sonia goes above and beyond to provide learning solutions on time and with quality.  She contributed to our project by proactively meeting with the SME stakeholders which resulted in a better understanding of the content for the team and a better project overall. Sonia is great to work with and goes above and beyond to provide learning solutions on time and with quality.”

-Danielle Wallace, Learning Director & Senior Instructional Designer: Beyond the Sky: Custom Learning Solutions

“Sonia’s knowledge of coaching was easily translated into a group environment where she was able to create a safe place for people to speak about their organizational needs. She appeared friendly and appeared to quickly engage the group. She exuded great enthusiasm and easily answered our questions regarding experience and understanding our needs. Able to quickly engage the participants. Very approachable and curious as demonstrated by the deeper dive questions asked. She scribed all of the input well which made the post-workshop transcription phase a lot easier. She worked well with the rest of the team and provided insights in to improving the process.”

 – Michael Goldman: President at Facilitation First Inc.

“Sonia is quick, creative and has an eye for detailShe is an expert in adult learning and has the ability to apply the models and concepts to create high-impact instructional design work. Sonia has excellent time management and produced high-quality work within a short time frame. Sonia kept in touch throughout the process, giving me confidence that we were on track with the project. During our project, she created detailed instructor manuals for two workshops and updated participant manuals. I have since used these manuals to train instructors and to deliver workshops to clients with great results.”
Susan Gregory.png – Susan Gregory: Business Owner of Best Work Yet

“When it came to working with Sonia I felt she was very calm, collective and organised. Sonia would make it a priority to establish clear goals & objectives of the project and that there was buy-in from the rest of the team on how best to proceed, allowing us to successfully attain our objectives.  Sonia is excellent at ensuring the presentation follows the program outline, making sure that dialogue and discussions are relevant and stay within the realm of the subject and objectives of the session. Sonia was able to keep the audience engaged by ensuring content was simple and presented in a manner that was enjoyable but also informative. (ie. building in interactive components that allowed the audience to be more involved, videos that explained the content better than speaking about the content etc..) Sonia was able to create very effective materials and presentations within prescribed timelines. She was able to do so with little instructions/guidance and with minimal revisions of the content required. Sonia’s efforts allowed us to meet our objectives of the project, allowing the team to benefit from the goal of recruiting, training and retaining 300+ volunteers that were required to execute and deliver our role in the Pan/Parapan Am Games. Thanks so much Sonia!

– Stacy Halonen, Director of Accreditation: TO2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games

Sonia is entrepreneurial, emotionally intelligent, and a skilled versatile trainer. I think the combination of these 3 strengths makes Sonia’s unique in her field of Learning and Development. Sonia is a problem solver and an out of the box thinker. She will think of new and innovative ways to complete a project effectively and efficiently, and she will be able to sell her idea through being aware of her audience. Sonia versatility in training means that her training can adapt to the way people learn. Everyone learns differently and Sonia understands and is able to cater to that need, making her a successful trainer. Confident, skilled, resilient, dedicated, and driven are qualities that Sonia posses that make me want to work with Sonia. During our time working at Toronto 2015 Pan Am Parapan Am Games, Sonia has showcased her skills in training adults and managing volunteers. She was able to manage 200+ volunteers on top of the other deliverables and duties.  Sonia was able to complete the tasks of a 3 person job, and she delivered with excellence. Without Sonia’s drive, passion, and dedication the UDAC Accreditation team wouldn’t have run as smoothly as it did. I think that Sonia is able to capture and engage the audience. Sonia knows how to break down the curriculum of learning so her audience is able to absorb and understand in a reasonable pace. She is also able to adjust and look at learning from a learners perspective and facilitate and transfer knowledge in a different angle. My team’s deliverables were dependent on the performance of Sonia’s volunteers. Without a smooth, professional, and efficient accreditation team, our guests would not be able to receive their uniform package, thus preventing them from participating in the games and ultimately effecting the operations of the game.

Vanessa Bano.jpeg –Vanessa Bano, HR Associate and Process Specialist at TO2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games