Sonia is warm, kind, compassionate, empathetic, flexible & diverse. Her ability to engage people of all different roles, ethnicity, genders, and backgrounds leads to amazing sessions of openness and self discovery. I immediately noticed the energy and vulnerability in her workshops. Her ability to help others self reflect in a more diverse, positive and constructive manner is what really brings out the best in people, and helps them grow session after session. She is not afraid to be herself, in her truest form – in hopes that it inspires others to bring that same energy. It almost works like a domino effect – when one person feels strong enough to share their thoughts and feelings, it promotes the rest to as well. And she does a great job at involving everyone equally throughout this process. I would say, “You NEED to try this.” Her work brings a different dynamic, to many relatively unchanged environments and it helps teams come to the realization that opening up these vital communication channels and providing a less judgmental zone will only keep things more efficient and consistent.