Sonia is an insightful, empowering, and an exemplary professional coach. She challenged my thinking, helped me realized the potential I needed to see for myself and to top it all, a sense of clarity, now I have a solid feeling of where I should be. I can’t hide my excitement to work with a professional coach. It was a dream come true. I learned that true learning happens through experiences. Sonia listens to me like I am the center of her universe. She was never judgmental; she took me in with curiosity and love. I tapped into my feelings and intuition. Her authenticity, enthusiasm and genuine interest in helping me reach my goals made me realized that our relationship is exactly what I needed. I gained confidence and trust myself big time. I learned to unlearn and relearn certain things in my life. I was able to be kind to myself and forgave myself for all the times I forget my worth. Sonia is one of my wingless angels! Her wisdom, sense of humor and commitment to help support me reaching my maximum potential are just a few reasons why I love working with her. Believe me, there is so much more. I was ready to be challenged and moved forward if you are, Sonia is perfect for you!