Sonia is very open to collaboration and learns about our company culture prior to creating the curriculum. She is very easy going and works well with everyone! She has the unique ability to draw things out of people, gets them to come out of their comfort zone. this allows them to discover their true potential. Since her many workshops with my teams, I have a greater understanding of my teams strengths and weaknesses. Sonia has never disappointed us with the sessions that she has facilitated. Great results that allows our team to grow. I look forward to working with her going forward to help bring out the true potential from my staff.

Keith Gouveia, National Shunt Service, National Manager Transportation Service

Sonia is warm, kind, compassionate, empathetic, flexible & diverse. Her ability to engage people of all different roles, ethnicity, genders, and backgrounds leads to amazing sessions of openness and self discovery. I immediately noticed the energy and vulnerability in her workshops. Her ability to help others self reflect in a more diverse, positive and constructive manner is what really brings out the best in people, and helps them grow session after session. She is not afraid to be herself, in her truest form – in hopes that it inspires others to bring that same energy. It almost works like a domino effect – when one person feels strong enough to share their thoughts and feelings, it promotes the rest to as well. And she does a great job at involving everyone equally throughout this process. I would say, “You NEED to try this.” Her work brings a different dynamic, to many relatively unchanged environments and it helps teams come to the realization that opening up these vital communication channels and providing a less judgmental zone will only keep things more efficient and consistent.

Keifer MacInnes, Sales at NSSL

Sonia is a fearless and inspiring leader who is also a client’s champion! She listens, and she cares deeply about people. She leads people in front, whilst encourages the whole team come along with her and ensures a diversity of voices are heard. After attending Sonia’s workshops, I am familiar with the Positive Intelligence concept and am more curious about it. Sonia is a trusted certified coach that motivates me to improve on my facilitation skills online. She taught me about vulnerability, about using different metaphors to create resonance.

Elliot Ng, Founder and Coach at Making Things Happen

Sonia is an insightful, empowering, and an exemplary professional coach. She challenged my thinking, helped me realized the potential I needed to see for myself and to top it all, a sense of clarity, now I have a solid feeling of where I should be. I can’t hide my excitement to work with a professional coach. It was a dream come true. I learned that true learning happens through experiences. Sonia listens to me like I am the center of her universe. She was never judgmental; she took me in with curiosity and love. I tapped into my feelings and intuition. Her authenticity, enthusiasm and genuine interest in helping me reach my goals made me realized that our relationship is exactly what I needed. I gained confidence and trust myself big time. I learned to unlearn and relearn certain things in my life. I was able to be kind to myself and forgave myself for all the times I forget my worth. Sonia is one of my wingless angels! Her wisdom, sense of humor and commitment to help support me reaching my maximum potential are just a few reasons why I love working with her. Believe me, there is so much more. I was ready to be challenged and moved forward if you are, Sonia is perfect for you!

Gladys Bamba, HR Professional

“Sonia is innovative, passionate and observant. I have been in two of Sonia’s workshops and loved how she developed an environment that supported the specific workshop. Sonia had a workshop on boundaries that was a small intimate group, a slow pace, and calming atmosphere. Additionally, Sonia herself embodied a seasoned facilitator who can adapt to any situation. What I learned from Sonia was envisioning what I want in a creative and tangible way and that is now something I seek and enjoy doing. The concept of boundaries was new to me, and it opened up a whole new world of empowerment and choice that I didn’t fully understand I could have before. Take part in one of her workshops or group sessions. Get to know her and her style and see if you think she would be a good fit, and then take her up on a discovery session. But be ready to put in the work to make the most of what the relationship can provide.”

Kate Whalen, Senior Manager at McMaster University

“Sonia is a passionate, insightful and caring coach who asks fabulous questions and offers new perspectives that helped foster my self awareness and personal growth. What I love about Sonia is her passion for life and for living and her ability to connect with her clients at the level they need in each session. As a result of coaching with Sonia, I have grown as a person, understanding what leadership means to be and how I want to show up as a leader both in the corporate world and in my life. Sonia has helped me connect to what really matters to me. I recommend Sonia as a coach for anyone who is looking to better understand who they are and where they want to focus their energy to make an impact on the world.”

Lisa Blanchet, People Change Management Leader + Change Coach at Manulife

“Sonia is enthusiastic, kind and friendly. I hired her as my coach and I noticed she asks clear, simple questions which guides you to the answers that are hidden within you. She knows how to guide you to find those answers without giving you the actual answers and I think that’s amazing and fascinating. Sonia helped me a lot in my self development journey. She helped me to become clear about what I want in my life and who do I wanna become as a person. I’m now stronger, more resilient and confidence than ever. Also I know now where I can find those characters within me when I feel lost or not at my best. She is a great coach for those who want to make a change in their life and grow.”

Donya Khandan, Financial Educator and Advisor

“Sonia is an insightful and dedicated executive trainer, coach, facilitator, and a leadership consultant. Her expertise in adult learning along with her human resources experience position her ideally for personal and organizational training. Sonia has helped our team develop a more effective way of communication, be more resourceful and strengthen our decision-making process. Her passion, her keen sense for human connections and psychological insight is what sets her apart.”

Olga Rozin Proger, Principle, The Palette Project

“Sonia is powerful, brave, creative, and strategic. She is a powerhouse of a facilitator, engaging her attendees in a warm and authoritative way.  She is able to draw out the humanity in every participant, helping to foster a fun, fast-paced learning environment. Sonia always models what true unabridged action looks like – she has a drive to succeed that is a sight to behold. Hire Sonia if you need to get shit done and you know you need a friendly, firm push and powerful ally in your corner!”

Danika Zoe, Organizational Change Manager + Coach

“Sonia is compassionate, determined and a strong leader. Sonia made coaching feel so comfortable, it was like we had known each other for years. It was so easy to talk to her and open up. I was able to look at things from a different lens. What’s shifted for me is that I am more aware of my needs. I feel stronger and confident. Sonia has an amazing way of getting you to think about a situation or challenge that takes you into a deeper discovery mode to help your true self and to help you be true to you. I feel a deep connection to Sonia. I open up to her unlike anyone in my personal circles. She makes me feel empowered and anything is possible.”

Carrie Skeels, Coach + Founder of Rustic Farm House

“Sonia is compassionate, thoughtful, happy and I found Sonia really listened to me when I would talk to her and was able to ask questions that got me really thinking and into the moment. I was able to come to some impactful insights with Sonia. A new insight after Sonia coached me was to be more present in my life. Sonia is a really great listener and will give them her full attention. She will be 100% in that moment with them and guide them to drive deeper insights. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sonia!”

Erica Gocht – Director at Global Accounts at Reinsurance Group of America

“Sonia is passionate and humble. She invests a lot of time into her workshops regarding valuable content and especially her audience as she wants to be able to truly understand their thought process. I attended her workshop, Meet Your Inner Leader at CGI, and I am aware that we all have an inner leader within us regardless of the position we hold professionally, we just have to practice to tap into that inner leader when faced with difficult/unknown situations in a professional or personal setting. She is very open to understanding people who come from different walks of life who need advice in terms of professional or personal growth. She truly gets the best out of an individual by recognizing their strengths and at the same time giving them advice on how to work on other skills that may need developing to become the leader they are meant to be. What I love about her coaching style is that her workshops leave you more than what you came in with. I always feel I become more confident than before and a bit more balanced.”

Naazia Pardhan – Project Control Officer at CGI

“Sonia is passionate, determined, and hardworking. She is organized, and each step leads me to see things in a new light. Sonia’s passion for seeing the best of us and allowing us to become better. If you are in need of shaking your life up, “Sonia the Disruptor” is the coach for you, either one on one, live workshops or check out her YouTube videos for encouragement.”

Cheryl Piccattoli – Owner of Live Your Dreams/ Female Solo Travel Agent

“I attended Sonia’s Meet Your Inner Leader Workshop and one thing that really stuck with me is how important it is to understand and embrace your own unique leadership style. It takes courage to be who you really are, and it is no different for leadership. This workshop really helped me understand that. I would describe the workshop as motivational, authentic, unique. I felt like I had gained some tangible next steps for how to create my own vision. Sonia’s facilitation is very approachable, relatable and hands-on.”

Stacy Pollack – Learning Specialist at Tucows

“Sonia is quick, creative and has an eye for detailShe is an expert in adult learning and has the ability to apply the models and concepts to create high-impact instructional design work. Sonia has excellent time management and produced high-quality work within a short time frame. Sonia kept in touch throughout the process, giving me confidence that we were on track with the project. During our project, she created detailed instructor manuals for two workshops and updated participant manuals. I have since used these manuals to train instructors and to deliver workshops to clients with great results.”

Susan Gregory – Founder at Best Work Yet

“Sonia’s knowledge of coaching was easily translated into a group environment where she was able to create a safe place for people to speak about their organizational needs. She appeared friendly and appeared to quickly engage the group.

She exuded great enthusiasm and easily answered our questions regarding experience and understanding our needs. Able to quickly engage the participants. Very approachable and curious as demonstrated by the deeper dive questions asked. She scribed all of the input well which made the post-workshop transcription phase a lot easier. She worked well with the rest of the team and provided insights in to improving the process.”

Michael Goldman: President at Facilitation First Inc.

“Sonia was the epitome of grace under pressure. She was consistently a cheery presence, source of encouragement and a ‘go-to’ resource for learning and solutions. As a facilitator, Sonia imparted her knowledge and reasoning clearly and competently, utilizing humour and methods of teaching that accommodated various learning styles.  Her calm demeanor drew people in, made the tasks appear less daunting and put people at ease. She created an environment that was engaging and safe for new and sometimes complex learning, and this assuredly assisted in the retention of volunteers throughout the Games. Sonia made clear expectations, goals and timelines, and provided the means and training necessary to successfully fulfil the volunteer role.  I am grateful for the leadership of Sonia Grossi who immeasurable contributed to this remarkable and extraordinary experience at Toronto’s 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games.”

Judith Duguid, MSW, RSW, Life & Wellness Coach

“My top takeaways from Sonia’s workshop on Employers Want Leadership is how different approaches to leadership can help you make connections, how there can be many different leadership roles and varies person to person and turning personal experiences into lessons that can help you take the next step in a career pathway. Sonia’s strengths as a facilitator are her ability to connect with students and expand on their experiences and turn that into a conversation/ point of interest. Personal connection and ability to mingle with class. Since the workshop, I am more self-aware of what skills and qualities I possess, as well as have the confidence to talk about them in a way that does not come off as bragging yet makes an impact on the opposite person. I’ve also learned that one can take on a leadership role in many ways, just needs to identify them at the right time and take action. We had great communication and rapport right from the very beginning, friendly, good teamwork, encouraging attitude.”

Maha Rizvi – Course Administration Associate at University of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance

“Sonia is very approachable and easy to partner with. She listens to what you are looking to develop and really works with you to build that. She is responsive and goes out of her way to assure you that things are on the right track. She is honest and transparent. Sonia developed and facilitated our first New Grad workshop and ensured our program workshops were off to a great start. She checked in frequently, asked for feedback, and ensured we were on the right track to developing a course that met the objectives of what we were trying to achieve. Our New Grads took away a lot of valuable tips and tricks that they are still using. Sonia really made the session fun and engaging for our New Grads. She incorporated some games and activities that they really enjoyed. She was also very real and helped explain why learning certain things were important/relevant to know. Overall, it was a pleasure partnering with Sonia and looking forward to utilizing her services again in the near future.”

Nabila Kanji – Program Manager at CGI for New Graduates

“I learned coping strategies to deal with dramatic individuals.  Sonia’s facilitation and delivery gave a relaxed environment and she is knowledgeable in her presentation; aware of her audience and knows how to navigate her presentation. What shifted for me since the workshop was I learned new tools /skill set when dealing with difficult individuals, being self-aware of approaching direct reports, better understanding/insight on different personalities. I would recommend Sonia to my colleagues for future training.”

Marcela Tutay – Clinical Team Manager at North York General Hospital