Self-Love Coaching is a 3-month one on one coaching program customized to reveal the parts of you that need attention and love.

You are ready to open yourself up to YOU again.

Self-Love Coaching is for you if…

You are ready to take a look at what you are tolerating in your life

You are available to say no to people and opportunities that do not align with who you are

You are open to receiving love and abundance

You are finished with trying too hard with people and getting nowhere

You are ready to make yourself a priority

You are ready to give yourself permission to feel good

and…you are ready to love the parts of you that are hard for you to love

What you are looking for is the 3 month Self-Love Coaching Program

It’s personalized one-to-one support to build your capacity to love yourself, and finally understand what you deserve through self-love.

Coaching with me is a level of listening that exceeds your friends, family and partner’s capacity to meet you where you are at, without judgement or a hidden agenda and find out what you truly want for you and your life.

There is a process to this program and there will be things to do to move you forward into self-love, and we will continue to look at your progress, and I’ll encourage you because I know you were meant for more.

This program is a commitment FOR YOU to YOU. It’s about you showing up and doing the work because you are worth it.

With my experience of being unkind to myself for years, to being my best friend and applying tools to love myself again, putting me first, and realizing how valuable my time and energy is, I am here as your certified coach to support and encourage your self-love muscles in the process.

This program is customized and tailored to focus on self-love and creating an awareness of who you are and what’s important. Learning to love yourself is a gift and will support you in living a life you deserve. 

If you are ready, let’s talk and book a complimentary self-love discovery call with me below. Find a time that works for you in my calendar.

Want to Learn More?

Book a no obligation consult call and we will chat about the program and if its the right fit

Self Love Coaching for 3 Months Includes

  • 1 90-minute Foundation Session to map direction, goals and intentions
  • 5 bi-weekly coaching calls to create consistency with new direction and alignment all designed by you. Sonia offers a ton of exercises and practices of self-love to support you along the way.
  • Access to Sonia through email and Voxer as needed and response time limited to office hours.

Payment plans available.


Sonia is enthusiastic, kind and friendly. I hired her as my coach and I noticed she asks clear, simple questions which guides you to the answers that are hidden within you. She knows how to guide you to find those answers without giving you the actual answers and I think that’s amazing and fascinating. Sonia helped me a lot in my self development journey. She helped me to become clear about what I want in my life and who do I wanna become as a person. I’m now stronger, more resilient and confidence than ever. Also I know now where I can find those characters within me when I feel lost or not at my best. She is a great coach for those who want to make a change in their life and grow.

Donya Khandan, Financial Educator and Advisor

Sonia is compassionate, determined and a strong leader. Sonia made coaching feel so comfortable, it was like we had known each other for years. It was so easy to talk to her and open up. I was able to look at things from a different lens. What’s shifted for me is that I am more aware of my needs. I feel stronger and confident. Sonia has an amazing way of getting you to think about a situation or challenge that takes you into a deeper discovery mode to help your true self and to help you be true to you. I feel a deep connection to Sonia. I open up to her unlike anyone in my personal circles. She makes me feel empowered and anything is possible.”

Carrie Skeels, Coach + Founder of Rustic Farm House
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