Program Description:

This program provides training on essential 101 skills to set up new graduates for success. We cover essential skills and competencies such as prioritization, time management, team building, presenting in front of clients and leaders, leading effective meetings to relieve stress, increase confidence and minimize knowledge gaps. Professional Fundamentals is designed to teach new graduates fresh out of University/College what it’s like to be a professional in the real world. Each new graduate member is valuable, unique and has their own experiences to bring forward in the program to increase the learning for all to benefit.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

• Apply powerful techniques to presentations and captivate your audience
• Craft a highly influential elevator pitch and showcase your brand
• Write SMART goals to stay on track throughout the year
• Solve competing priorities and overwhelm with fun techniques to manage stress
• Create an impressive plan to execute your ideas and see real results
• Solve conflict challenges before they get worse


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