You are ready to unlock and unleash your authentic leadership powers.

You’re ready to let go of the person you used to be, because deep down inside, that person no longer serves you today.

And you are ready to take responsibility for the dreams you’ve tucked away inside, because your dreams are worth fighting for.

You realize that life today isn’t going to cut it anymore and you want to make significant changes. You want to stop the patterns that keep repeating itself in your career + business, love life, friendships, family, the whole nine yards. It’s time to uncover some answers within yourself if you are ready to go there.

After years of being the nice girl, sweet and kind, accommodating person you used to be, you just can’t be that person anymore and you don’t know who else to be. So then, who are you? I know that integrity is part of your values, and it still can be with a few tweaks along the way.  

You are feeling the nudge from something higher than you that something needs to change because if you encounter one more failed relationship, failed business partner, or another argument with a loved one, you will start to feel that maybe it IS YOU.

You are ready to discover your authentic leadership powers so that you can feel confident in who you are unapologetically. 

You’re ready to step into the parts of you that you’ve hidden for so long because you were told it’s inappropriate and you weren’t allowed to be.

You are ready to move forward in a way that you’ve never explored before, even if it scares you.

And you know that even though you are going to confront some difficult and uncomfortable situations, you want to explore the person you are meant to be in the world and be that person today. Why? Because you deserve it because there is a part of you that knows exactly what you want and what you are meant to do on the planet and it looks very different than what you are doing today. You have a lot of self-doubt and fear that it’s all so hard, and almost impossible. I’m here to tell you are unique, brilliant and more than capable. You have OPTIONS and a TON of POSSIBILITIES waiting for you to grab them. It’s all at your command, and accessible to you once you discover who you are.

Now is the time to meet your inner leader, activate your inner resources to support you along the way, and create a vision, mission and life purpose that holds true for you.

I’ve created this coaching package for women just like you, women who are done being the nice girl or good girl. This isn’t about turning into a horrible human instead. This is about being the leader you are meant to be without all the “stuff” that’s holding you back.

You may discover things like your sassiness, femininity, goddess, badass, devilish, joker, charming sides. These powerful characters can do WONDERS in your life. I like to activate my playful and charming resource when needed, she is FUN, gets a lot of attention, and people LOVE her!

Why and how? Because I am taking a stand for women who are done letting others dictate the terms. I want you to make magic in the world through your work, friendships, love + romance and enjoy your time on Earth. I see the inner leader within you, your brilliance, your grace, your superpowers, and they are waiting to be activated and set free.

I am a powerful force that calls you forth to step into the person you are so that you can experience the life you’ve desired for so long. You owe it to yourself to be that person, you deserve it.

Nine months of regular coaching & mentorship sessions with me will completely change your life.

My signature system helps women step into their authentic leadership and let go of the person they used to be because your world is calling you forward to greatness.

What will be Different?

You’ll begin to realize how awesome you are and how you didn’t figure this out sooner. You’ll be super aware of your gifts and superpowers that you’ll believe in your abilities and anything is possible. There are no limitations, no glass ceilings, and no barriers in life, only the ones you set inside your head. You will find a genuine connection to yourself again, your inner leader who can support you along the way. You’ll feel relief and more space available because you know that the only person who knows best for you…is you. Not your friend, co-worker, business partner, mom or dad, only you know the answers. Other’s will notice your leadership and say, “What’s different here”. Can I have what she’s having? You get to model your leadership for others to step into their greatness. Win-win.

The best part: You get to design your life on your terms and live it. Even though it seems like a long way to get there, the new tools and skills you acquire throughout this journey will shift the world around you.

You are done caring what other people think. You have important things to do while you’re here and your time is valuable. It’s time to create a focused path to move forward based on your values, vision, mission and life’s purpose. It’s time to meet the leader within.

Step forward and

Here’s everything you get:

  • A one 90 minute Discovery Session discovering you, your values, what’s working/not working in your life, what you want and what might be holding you back from achieving your heart’s desire (I help you see your blind spots). This is where we learn how to best work with each other and what your biggest objectives are in the process.
  • A customized plan of action to move you towards the person and leader you want to be in the world. All that how stuff you worry about will no longer be an issue. We come up with a vision, mission and a life purpose to create the life you want. Let’ get rid of the blueprint you’ve been living until now.  
  • 9 months includes 18X one-on-one Leadership Breakthrough Coaching/Mentoring Sessions with Sonia, over the phone. These sessions are directed by you and your key to momentum & progress, with full support along the way as life comes up for you. I hold your hand, support you, and cheer you on.
  • I hold you accountable and activate your authentic inner leadership resources. The truth is, we always have the answers and I’m here as your guide and activator to uncover the answers within to move you through your journey with power and ease.
  • You get to experience your superpowers as a body experience. You’ll realize what makes you unique and how to leverage the special gifts you already within that creates a positive impact on the world.
  • Your self-sabotaging beliefs will no longer have a hold on you and stop you from your dreams, keep you stuck in fear. Instead, you’ll be fearless and free and use your inner leadership to run the show.
  • Fully confidential and completely private, you get 1 – 1 time from me, your coach, so that you have a safe space to talk about your dreams, your fears, and what’s next for you – all directed by you, without judgement, criticism, opinions, or pressure from external sources.
  • One 30 minute Wrap-Up Session at the end to integrate how far you’ve come and celebrate all the revelations and wins within the last 6 months.

Your Investment


Frequently Asked Questions

You are a good fit if….

  • You are ready to make changes in your life. You know that investing in yourself is the first step to getting you where you want to be.
  • You don’t want to be told what to do, given advice or opinions, and essentially, not be listened to anymore.
  • You are done with trying the same things over and over and not getting the results you want.
  • You want the career/business, the romantic partner, soul sister friendships, you want your dream home, better relationships with your family and the financial freedom you’ve heard other people achieve, and most of all, you want more peace and freedom in your life.
  • You want the confidence, strength, courage, and fearlessness to take some serious leaps in your life. Whether that be in your career, in your business, in dating, friendships, family, and relationships. You want to feel alive again and ENJOY life and are tired of waiting around and making excuses that you can’t be the person you dream of being.

You are not a good fit if….

  • You just want a sounding board and take zero responsibility for change because you feel like its everyone else’s fault. It’s your Dad’s fault, your Mom’s fault, your boss’s fault etc.
  • You only want to hear what you want to hear and nothing else.
  • You are looking for someone to enable you and give you permission to keep doing the same things over and over (which aren’t getting you the results you want).
  • You want a coach to feel bad for you and allow you to play small instead of play a bigger game.
  • You are not ready to invest in a coaching program and don’t have the money.
  • You are not willing to invest the time in working with a coach.

How do we work together?

We’ll meet by Phone or Zoom if you are outside of Canada. We schedule monthly calls at the end of each month during the second coaching session or I will send you a link to my calendar to book your sessions. You will receive confirmation emails from my calendar.

What if I am not able to take any action in between our sessions?

I am not evaluating you nor do I have any intentions of making you feel bad for not doing something you committed to. As your Coach, I challenge you with love and respect, and will not be attached to any outcome during our time together. I am holding you accountable to move forward. This is about getting you to where you want to be and I hold the space for you to be able to show up with whatever is present and we work with what’s here.

Steps to get started

Book a Free Discovery Session First


Sonia is compassionate, determined and a strong leader. Sonia made coaching feel so comfortable, it was like we had known each other for years. It was so easy to talk to her and open up. I was able to look at things from a different lens. What’s shifted for me is that I am more aware of my needs. I feel stronger and confident. Sonia has an amazing way of getting you to think about a situation or challenge that takes you into a deeper discovery mode to help your true self and to help you be true to you. I feel a deep connection to Sonia. I open up to her unlike anyone in my personal circles. She makes me feel empowered and anything is possible

Carrie Skeels – Coach + Founder at Rustic Farm House

Sonia is powerful, brave, creative, and strategic. She is a powerhouse of a facilitator, engaging her attendees in a warm and authoritative way.  She is able to draw out the humanity in every participant, helping to foster a fun, fast-paced learning environment. Sonia always models what true unabridged action looks like – she has a drive to succeed that is a sight to behold. Hire Sonia if you need to get shit done and you know you need a friendly, firm push and powerful ally in your corner!

Danika Zoe – Coach + Change Manager
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