Do you have a yearly Leadership Development plan in your organization?

Do you have an ongoing leadership development program within your organization?

What do you have in place to support your teams and leaders throughout the year that’s meaningful, exploratory and loaded with a ton of practical leadership skills they can use on the job and in their personal lives?

As an experienced and certified leadership coach, master facilitator, and experience in corporate learning and human resources management, I have created a 12-month leadership development program designed to support your organization with focus, intention and ease.

For 12-months, I take your leaders and teams through a track series of workshops, coaching and learning opportunities to grow the leader within with a focus on the following:

  • Connect to your inner strength, compassion, courage and wisdom to be a leader of the people
  • How to give and receive feedback for effective communication and improved performance
  • Empower your teams and your relationships through the use of coaching skills to eliminate doing it all and your teams are engaged in their work instead
  • Discover how you show up in the world and how peers perceive you with a road map of where you need to grow
  • Creating more space in your calendar to be more creative and strategic at work
  • Develop your confidence as a leader when networking, presenting and meeting new clients
  • Learn practical skills and tools to manage your priorities, set boundaries and lead authentically
  • Improve performance and fulfillment through one on one leadership coaching with Sonia
  • Identify your unique strengths and gifts
  • Feel connected to your teams through trust and transparent communication
  • Develop your instincts and make decisions that are aligned with your values
  • Leave feeling motivated and excited to step into your next level of leadership

How it Works

We start with a complimentary consultation chat to uncover the specific needs of your organization and get a temperature check of the culture.

Sonia will create a customized road map of the 12-month leadership development track series to suit the needs of your organization and leaders.

Upon sign-off, we begin the road map by inviting your leaders to a series of workshops throughout the year with approximately seven workshops.

Sign on specific leaders for one on one coaching to further grow and develop leadership within the organization.

After each workshop, there will be evaluations with a summary of the results to keep track of what’s working and what else is needed.

Multiple check-ins throughout the year for feedback, customization discussions, and tweaks along the way.

At the end, a summary of workshops and coaching engagement will be shared with you to determine the next steps for your organization.

What People Are Saying About Sonia

“Sonia is an insightful and dedicated executive trainer, coach, facilitator, and a leadership consultant. Her expertise in adult learning along with her human resources experience position her ideally for personal and organizational training. Sonia has helped our team develop a more effective way of communication, be more resourceful and strengthen our decision-making process. Her passion, her keen sense for human connections and psychological insight is what sets her apart.”

Olga Rozin Proger, Principle, The Palette Project

“I attended Sonia’s Meet Your Inner Leader Workshop and one thing that really stuck with me is how important it is to understand and embrace your own unique leadership style. It takes courage to be who you really are, and it is no different for leadership. This workshop really helped me understand that. I would describe the workshop as motivational, authentic, unique. I felt like I had gained some tangible next steps for how to create my own vision. Sonia’s facilitation is very approachable, relatable and hands-on.”

Stay Pollack, Learning Specalist at Tucows

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