Private Coaching Program: 3 months

Leadership Breakthrough private coaching program is designed to give you the support you truly need to be a powerhouse in your work and personal life. Mastering leadership is available to you, and your opportunities reach no bounds. In this program, we take a look at what’s not working in your life as Sonia gives you the emotional support and tools necessary to overcome these hurdles and step away from fear. It’s a combination of tough love and giving it to you straight to get the results you’ve been waiting for. We work on your mindset and pierce through beliefs that no longer serve you.  We work on your career goals, transition stages, personal life, and the support for your bigger vision for yourself.

Structure of Program:

  • 75 minute of deep dive intensive coaching call to dig into who you are and what’s important to you.
    • We discover what it is you need so that I can coach you.
  • Two 60 minute calls each month to stay on track of your goals and aspirations
    • Each call focuses on your leadership. Where you are and where you want to be.

 Components of Leadership Breakthrough:

  • Identify stuck areas that you can’t see (yet) that are holding you back
  • Be a powerhouse at work and personal relationships
  • Feel the way you want to feel in life without anything holding you back
  • Develop key resilience skills and competencies to move forward in your leadership
  • Discover who your inner leader is and how you want to design your life
  • Become self-aware of thought patterns and emotional reactions to shift them into positive responses
  • Do the work and get the results

You create with me how you want to feel, show up, and choose the life you’re going to live free of expectations. Programs are a minimum of a three-month commitment to ensure results and shifts.

Click here to schedule a call and see if we’re a good fit!


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