Program Description:

Imagine every time a customer came to you they got exactly what they needed. What would that look like: increased sales & brand loyalty, customer satisfaction = build trust for happy, committed, more likely to return customers.

Let’s start the right conversation between you and your customers so they can spread the word about your brand, products and services.

Guest Experience Workshop will help customer facing roles to be able to:

  • Handle all types of customer profiles, needs and wants and better serve them so they walk away with something valuable.
  • Understand expectations of their roles and responsibilities for more autonomous customer service facing roles with extra support needed only in escalation situations.
  • Experience the full cycle of the guest experience from start to finish to understand customer expectations and serve each customer with empathy and understanding.
  • Give customers  the right answers to their questions so they can upsell, find alternative solutions, and ensure the customer leaves feeling that you have exceeded their expectations.

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