Who is Sonia as a Co-Active Coach?

A coach is someone who is a thought-provoking partner for their client who supports them by:

  • realizing their true potential and maximizing it through self-awareness and developing new habits;
  • getting them through a difficult period of their life;
  • identifying meaningful goals to increase their happiness;
  • finding balance between all their priorities including work, finances, family, friends, personal development, self-love, romance, etc.;
  • closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be;
  • developing coping skills that will create positive change in life and at work

I’m Sonia Grossi, Co-Active® Leadership Coach

Hi, I’m Sonia, your secret weapon, night whisperer and truth teller. I’m here to support you be the leader you want to be in your life and career. I’m amazing at creating a safe space with my clients to explore what’s holding them back and be side by side to move forward in their lives towards the things they want.

During my quarter-life crises (ages ago), my journey to success wasn’t cutting it anymore, and what I thought I wanted, no longer fulfilled me. I had a ton of stuff I needed to look at before I stepped into the person I was meant to be in the world and what set my soul on fire. I became a pro at being curious and looking at my relationships, work, my money stuff, and my family life. I did the work, hired my team, and now, I’m ready to work with you one on one to explore your journey and challenge you to step into the new version of YOU. I’ll give you tools and techniques along the way to implement the things we talk about back into your life.

My life was about keeping up with the Joneses, and I cared a lot about what others thought of me and what they wanted for me. I often put the needs of others first before my own and put the other peoples’ opinions in my circles more important than my own.

I could have followed the path that everyone wanted me to follow, and what seemed like everyone was following in my twenties. You know the list, get a job, get married, buy a house with your beloved, have 2.5 kids, and live happily ever after, oh and retire at an age where you have enough money to live out the rest of your life and be free.

I so wanted to follow that path to keep up with everyone. I wanted a boyfriend, I wanted to say I finally bought a home, and that I moved up the corporate ladder and made a lot of money because it all meant safety, security and success.

I was trying so hard to get all those things, and for some reason, it felt unattainable for me to have, and I no longer could keep up. So I backtracked instead. I quit my corporate HR job, got a new job, quit that job, got a new job, quit that job, took two contract jobs, ended those, and became self-employed at the right old age of 30.

I fell into coaching by hiring my first certified co-active coach in 2016 and have worked with a coach ever since. I immediately decided that I wanted to be a Coach, and signed up for Co-Active Training Institute to become a certified coach. I had found the thing I am meant to do in this world or at least a part of it. I built a business using the money I was saving up for a house instead to develop in me and my business. I dated, was rejected and had to reject men too. I wasn’t dating before because I was exhausted. I’m not always in love with the idea of dating, but it’s something I entertain from time to time. I changed the people I surrounded myself with as I learned more about who I am and what’s important to me. I used to surround myself around negative and toxic people who were different than me and cared about things I did not care about as much. I’ve blocked a lot of people off social media Millennial problems because of the toxic behaviour and not respecting my boundaries. I learned how to say NO because I understand how valuable my time and energy is and I don’t need to use it on people who are not 100% in the relationship. I finally understood with every bone in my body how valuable I am and that the stories I made up about me were no longer valid.

Today, I travel more, spend my money on me and others, I book spa days, work for myself, and spend time with people I genuinely care about and who puts effort into the relationship. I have an impact on the people around me and my clients, I am fearless, free, wise, and way more fun to be around. I work with organizations who are absolutely amazing and doing cool things in the world and for their people. I align myself with people who have similar values as me and this makes a HUGE difference in how you feel about people. I trust my body and my intuition because it’s usually pretty accurate 🙂

I learned how to play the game of life even though I used to say I hated playing games. I teach others how to play the game in their favour and create an empowered relationship to personal responsibility for their lives so that they can go after the things they want. There is no more time to waste and your dreams are worth fighting for.

Are you Ready?

I am most excited to work with people who are ready for coaching, excited about coaching, trust in the process of coaching, and trust my wisdom.

You have a sense of compassion for the world and are willing to be called forth. You are invested, committed, and show up for calls as a way of putting yourself first. Coaching is a process, and you have the wisdom to understand that you are on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. You are ready to move with focus, intention, and are open to discovering a new direction that feels exciting and makes you alive.

Together, we are in it together, exploring what’s available for you. It’s not a quick fix. Coaching is a process. You are all in, ready and hungry for change.

I give you 100% and you give 100%. You get out of the program what you put into it. It’s a two way street and I have two programs available below.

My focus/specialty includes: Self-love, boundary setting and saying no, designing a life that aligns with your values, fulfilling relationships with friends, family and partners, tips for dating and romance, look at having a passionate career, negotiations, raising your vibration to attract more abundance, managing money and finances, remove what you are tolerating, creating space for more intimacy and trust, stepping into a courageous and fearless self, activating your inner wisdom, lead with clarity, and becoming the best version of YOU as a leader of your WORLD.

What’s Next?

Intro to Coaching: Freedom to Thrive Program

Deep Dive Intensive : 1/2 Day VIP Coaching

Program: Self-Love Coaching for 3 Months

Program: Grow the Leader Within for 6 Months

What People Are Saying About Sonia

“Sonia is compassionate, determined and a strong leader. Sonia made coaching feel so comfortable, it was like we had known each other for years. It was so easy to talk to her and open up. I was able to look at things from a different lens. What’s shifted for me is that I am more aware of my needs. I feel stronger and confident. Sonia has an amazing way of getting you to think about a situation or challenge that takes you into a deeper discovery mode to help your true self and to help you be true to you. I feel a deep connection to Sonia. I opened up to her unlike anyone in my personal circles. She makes me feel empowered and anything is possible.”

Carrie Skeels, Coach + Founder of Rustic Farmhouse Designs

“Sonia is powerful, brave, creative, and strategic. She is a powerhouse of a facilitator, engaging her attendees in a warm and authoritative way.  She is able to draw out the humanity in every participant, helping to foster a fun, fast-paced learning environment. Sonia always models what true unabridged action looks like – she has a drive to succeed that is a sight to behold. Hire Sonia if you need to get shit done and you know you need a friendly, firm push and powerful ally in your corner!”

Danika Zoe, Coach and Change + Performance Manager
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