Coaching Programs

VIP Deep Dive Intensive Coaching

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Work with me for 3 hours to begin a deeper dive into what’s holding you back from following your heart and focusing on what is important to you.


Leadership Breakthrough Program

Leadership Breakthrough Program


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Change Your World Through Your Work Program

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Three months of private coaching to uncover what is holding you back from doing the work you were meant to do in this world.

Do you want to live in the entrepreneur river or corporate pool? You get to choose!

Half Day Coaching Program

Life Purpose

Confidence Breakthrough

Follow your heart

Find Your Inner Leader


“Sonia is open, honest and real. She is in the moment with her client and really listens. During our coaching session, she reinforced my next steps. She is someone who listens, and asks the right questions.”

-Lisa Blanchet, Director of Change Management, Manulife

“Sonia is intuitive, positive and highly intelligent. Her coaching style is direct and offers compassion and empathy for where I am at. She is emotionally intelligent and able to see the truth in what I am saying and draw it out. What’s shifted for me since our coaching sessions, is that I have more clarity and peace of mind. I feel at ease with my decisions and empowered to take action. Hire Sonia if you need support in creating a new path for yourself and leaving comfort zones behind in the dust!”

-Reena Mistry, Commercial Account Manager, TransCanada Pipelines

“Sonia is compassionate, thoughtful, happy and I found Sonia really listened to me when I would talk to her and was able to ask questions that got me really thinking and into the moment. I was able to come to some impactful insights with Sonia. A new insight after Sonia coached me was to be more present in my life. Sonia is a really great listener and will give them her full attention. She will be 100% in that moment with them and guide them to drive deeper insights. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sonia!”

-Erica McDonald, Manager, Global Accounts at Reinsurance Group of America 

“Sonia is empathic, intuitive, respectful and I noticed a caring approach supported by empathic and effective listening skills through her coaching. I had an opportunity to witness her ability to leverage her intuition to help guide a meaningful discussion with clients. A safe and trusting coaching environment can be anticipated.”

– Vania Sakelaris, Principal, VAS & Associates

“Sonia is powerful, brave, creative, and strategic. She is a powerhouse of a facilitator, engaging her attendees in a warm and authoritative way.  She is able to draw out the humanity in every participant, helping to foster a fun, fast-paced learning environment. Sonia always models what true unabridged action looks like – she has a drive to succeed that is a sight to behold. Hire Sonia if you need to get shit done and you know you need a friendly, firm push and powerful ally in your corner!”

-Danika Zoe, Founder, Fearless + Co.

“Sonia is insightful, intuitive, and confident.  What I noticed about her coaching style is that she is very open, calm and honest. Sonia is focused and pragmatic.  I really enjoyed working with her and her approach.  She truly was there with me through our coaching sessions together.”

-Daphne Kao, Senior Human Resources Manager at Aritzia