Program Description:

In this workshop, we take a look at the differences between a disagreement and a conflict situation and how to manage both for a positive outcome that works in your favour. This workshop is designed to help teams understand their colleagues through role plays, experiential learning, and accountability. This program develops individuals so that teams can shine. Discover where bold conversations need to happen in the workplace and show up in your teams with confidence and empathy. We change your perception of the situation so you can empathize with the other person and their story.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

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What’s Included:

  1. Needs Assessment – This is where we dig into the problem and get clear on what is holding you back within leadership in your organization.
  2. Program Delivery I come to you and facilitate a half-day/full-day workshop to your team and create a safe space to learn and grow from one another.
  3. Follow up Group Coaching – We host monthly group coaching calls for three months after the training delivery date to ensure skills are maintained in the workplace.
  4. Results – Bold Conversations Program will increase your team’s trust and support. There is no hidden agenda with your colleagues and you can confidently confront situations with ease and comfort. You can show up to conversations confidently and empathetically to be able to listen to the problem and respond.

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