My Story:

Once upon a time, Sonia thought she had it all figured out. When Sonia entered the corporate world, she thought she had made it. She was working so hard, and everyone else was doing it! Go to school, get a job, get promoted, buy a house, get married, kids, vacation 2X per year, retire and then live your life with ease. Something didn’t sit right with her in her heart and quickly realized the traditional path was not one worth gambling or investing on any longer. Perceived happiness did not equal Sonia’s happiness. Happiness is found within.


Since leaving the corporate world, Sonia started her own business in professional training and coaching offering results-oriented programs to people and organizations who share the same vision. Since then, no one can stop her. Her big vision is to work with people who are ready to take on growing through personal development and invest in themselves. She strives to create leadership throughout the world and figure out who we are, what we value, and how we can make an impact on a global scale.

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Sonia is a leadership expert, trainer and coach who uses her passion for growing humans one step at a time in the areas of personal and professional development.  Her workshops are not just to “train and develop” rather, Sonia creates an experience you never forget. She specializes in leadership, con0flict management, empowered communication, customer service and personal development. Sonia’s arsenal of training workshops are interactive, fun, engaging, and get to the root of the problem, leading to high performance and excellent results. Not afraid to confront fear, Sonia gives participants a safe space to share, walk through discomfort and learn from one another, getting out of their comfort zone with the support and safety of Sonia and the group – this is where the magic happens.


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