About Sonia Grossi


Sonia is a thought leader, a magical human, and a disruptor. She started her own business, Free Your Expectations Coaching & Leadership Inc, offering services in professional and personal development through training and coaching programs. Her most significant vision is to work with people and organizations who are ready to invest in their development. She strives to grow and develop leaders from all walks of life, by teaching about personal responsibility, understanding who we are, what we value, and how we can make an impact on a global scale.


Sonia Grossi is an experienced facilitator, trainer, and leadership coach who has a passion for developing and transforming people in the areas of personal and professional development. She brings experience from working in various public and private sectors and industries in the areas of technology, multinational sports, biotech, Ontario Universities and Colleges, healthcare, and more. She is someone who thrives on helping people and teams become high performers, develop their leadership, and form new perspectives of the world around them.

Sonia is known for her unique delivery style which is fun, inspired, and opens a safe space for everyone to learn new concepts and skills and feel supported in their roles to excel. She believes that everyone has the potential to be great leaders and experience fulfillment on their terms.

Sonia holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources Management from Ryerson University, a Certificate in Instructing Adults from George Brown College and is a Co-Active Leadership Coach.

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