What no longer fits are your clues to who you are becoming

I listened to Christine Hassler’s podcast yesterday morning during my hike (yes my hike) called Break Through Money Blocks to Live a Richer Life with Ramit. 

You can find the podcast here.

This is something I am including as part of my daily practice as there have been some tough days during quarantine. Tough days in the sense where I start to think negatively and I refuse to go back there because I don’t want to be that person anymore. I spent a ton of time in my life being negative and thinking negatively and it didn’t help me. It pushed people away and left me feeling confused. So instead, I listen to a podcast that genuinely interests me and I instantly feel more positive and creative afterwards.

So, now we are entering stage 3 in Ontario, what’s next?

I’m not going to sugar coat this for you, the past five months have been hard for me. I don’t know what it’s been entirely like for you, for me, it’s been up and down. The economy went in the tanker, some businesses thrived, some people loved the time off, some people loved working from home and others’ didn’t, kids were bored, people’s income decreased, other’s increased, etc. etc. 

I began to realize these past few months that I was changing internally, along with the outer world moving with or without me and how I realized that was because of the number of emotions I felt and how much of my “stuff” kept coming up for me.

To summarize the last few months because I haven’t been posting much, here are a few lessons I picked up officially.

  1. You cannot make everyone happy. Sometimes, to choose your happiness, you need to let other people down in the process.
  2. Important people come and go, and that’s okay too. Feel into when it is time to let people go, and if that time has reached its expiration date, it’s time to let go of the rope. 
  3. Fairytales will make you unhappy when/if you let them. Remove the shoulds and the ought to’s from your vocabulary. 
    • Obsessing over the things that society said you’re supposed to do will kill your happiness.
    • Don’t listen to the fake fairytales of how your life is supposed to be going. 
    • You don’t have to go to university at 18, or get a job at 21, or buy a house at 25 (now more like 30 – 35), or get married by 30, or have kids at 35. Everyone is different, and your path of happiness will be too.
  4. Don’t let rejection lead to self-rejection. Your fear of people saying no to you is not your problem. You never know what’s possible for you if you ask, and hearing the word no becomes less of a thing the more and more you hear it and becomes your greatest gift
  5. Own your responsibilities, own your future because it depends on you
  6. Trust yourself and that feeling that something isn’t right, and if you are brave enough, call it out and name it with your words and see what happens
  7. You are allowed to ask for more and feel that you deserve better. You deserve better from friends, family, partners and work
  8. You are allowed to have fun, and the more fun you have, the easier life will be
  9. I am a generator in human design. Do you know your human design? All I need is your birthdate, time of birth and location of birth to let you in on how you create in the world. I am super obsessed right now and have been doing a lot of reading on it so if you are interested, simply hit reply to this email and include your details and I will let you know your human design type.

I want to hear from you.

If you have been feeling the need to slow down before September arrives, and you want to enjoy your life and live a lifestyle that has fewer restrictions and limitations, join me and a group of womxn on August 7th for a deep dive intensive on your deservability. Click here for more information. No topic is off the table. We talk about it all. More details in the link.

Finally, here are some resources I would like to share because I have been catching up on my self-care:


  1. Christine Hassler, Over it and on with it – click here
  2. Dr. Chatterjee, Feel Better, Live More – click here
  3. Ashley Stahl, You Turn Podcast – click here


  1. Untamed by Glennon Doyle 
  2. Journey to the Heart by Melanie Beattie
  3. Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad
  4. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  5. Tapping Into Wealth: How Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Can Help You Clear the Path to Make More Money by Daylle Deanna Schwartz and Margaret M. Lynch

I told you I’ve been busy.

If you want to chat or reconnect with me for any reason outside of coaching, send an email to sonia@soniagrossi.com and we can set up a virtual coffee date.

Until then, xoxo Sonia

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