When Your Goals Shift Because Circumstances Change.

2020 started out with so much promise and we were feeling revved up for what was to come, then sh*t hit the fan, self-doubt, anxiety and uncertainty came into the mix.

How do we shift, pivot and restructure our goals to thrive and not just survive? I’m a pro at both, by the way.

✅Do you want to save more of your money, but now you don’t even know if you’ll keep your job for much longer or have been laid off?

✅ Do you want to lose the extra weight you’ve been carrying on you for awhile and now looks like for even longer?

✅Do you want to spend time with people who matter but are physically distancing?

✅Do you want to feel physically stronger but can’t make it to the gym?

How can COVID-19 help you get closer to your original goals?

Your goals are still important and have not changed. The circumstances have changed, so let’s keep you moving, keep going, and have some fun while doing it.

Let’s dig deep and take a look at how you can use this time to get you closer, not 10 steps behind.

Click here for your free Restructure Your Goals Worksheet which guides you to carefully look at your goals and create new rituals and habits during quarantine so you come out of this ahead, not 10 steps behind.

This is not a productivity contest, this is using the gift of time to focus on what’s important to you, regardless of circumstances. #innerbuddha

Sending you lots of love and if you have any questions about it, send an email to sonia@soniagrossi.com and I’ll get back to you with some additional tips to get you unstuck on your goals.


      1. My physical health is the biggest one! I put on a few extra kilos on holiday in Japan recently so I’m working on getting back to my regular weight. Also working on improving my writing skills by practicing every day… this new blog should help with that!

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