So, it is day something into self-quarantine, with no end date in sight.

The end date keeps on changing, and we wonder when this can all be a distant memory.

Some of us are losing our jobs; people aren’t buying or spending money except on essentials, rent is up in the air, some of us are homeschooling our kids on top of work and keeping our families safe, some of us live alone and are more lonely than ever, some of us have more time to stew in our thoughts that lead us to numb ourselves OUT if we don’t have the tools or skills to use healthy ways to manage our emotions.

We miss coffee dates with friends, seeing our loved ones face to face, the gym, travel, work, missing the people in our homes we see 24/7 and a WHOLE ton more.

  • How do we keep motivated?
  • How do we keep feeling inspired?
  • How do we have hope for the future and what does our future even look like now?

We see on social media people who are positive, optimistic, out-performing the rest, saying we should take action right now because now we have the time. Write that book, pivot, put yourself out there, workout and post it on Instagram, man it’s a lot of pressure!

Instead, why don’t we take a pause, which seems like what we are all being asked to do and figure out what is our next step?

Why don’t we do what we are being asked, and slow down, and focus on what’s more important to us now?

We are called to pause, to let go of a world we once knew existed, and we are now blessed with an opportunity to design a new way of moving forward for us in our personal lives, our jobs, our companies and the world.

To learn more about bringing my resilience and positive intelligence virtual training to you and your teams, click here. Once you enter your details, I will send you a copy of a PDF flyer with more info and social proof.

You can always set up a no-obligation consult call with me here and learn more about how I am supporting my clients during this time of uncertainty.

Until then, take care and stay well.

Sonia Grossi, CPCC, CMP


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