Take a look around.

The world has to stand still to see the message—there is too much noise.

What are you seeing now? What’s here that you couldn’t see before?

We are responsible for the world we create. 

Are you asking yourself, am I showing up lovingly right now?

Tolerance, patience, community, creativity will be a marker of our resilience and character.

The older generation we call the vulnerable right now has so much wisdom, and yet we aren’t giving them credit.

Here are a few fears and beliefs out there that are NOT helping us:

  • We have a fear of running out of money and supplies.
  • We do not think we are abundant, and that mother earth cannot provide.
  • We are thinking about how the stock market is tanking, and we are going into recession.
  • We are worried that we are going to lose our jobs.

The world is not going to collapse. It just won’t.

Now we need to negotiate more than ever community and working together.

We have lost the essence of community, love and communication over time, but we realize now how important it is. 

  • Is this time making you think of others?
  • How have you’ve been running your life up until now?
  • What’s worked for you and what hasn’t?
  • What choices have you made that don’t align?
  • What does alignment look like now?
  • What’s most important to you now?

I am an over-planner. I plan, plan, and plan some more. I’m good at it, and people know it.

What this is teaching me is that you can plan your whole life, and it still won’t go as planned. You cannot predict your future. You can dream it, wish for it, take action towards it, but you need to let go of your expectations of what the future will look like. 

Instead, be curious, open, and wonder how it will all unfold and know that it will unfold exactly as it should. We cannot control how our life moves forward. We can make choices based on what we value and matter most and know that we are making the right choices.

Compassion and empathy have come to light out of this. I see people and companies changing, pivoting, being more accessible than they usually are. I hear people lending out helping hands to help others with groceries during this time of need.

Connection and community have humans engaged in the present. Many of us are more connected to each other than we have been in the past. Without physical proximity allowed, we can connect socially through the use of technology. I’ve followed up with people I haven’t talked to in years and let go of everything that was said and done and ask, “How are you doing?” because I genuinely want to know they are okay.

Leadership is essential right now. We need to rest. We are burnt out by the daily grind, day to day, and mundaneness. We are tired of buying stuff we don’t need. Now, all we want to do is get rid of our things because we are at home, self-isolated, and we need SPACE. We have forgotten about the importance of our fulfillment, and we put everything else as a priority because that’s how the world works. What about us? Our life? Our joy? Our creativity? Our connection? What about that stuff?

Rest and take notice. 

How are you choosing to lead right now?

Who do you want to be during times like this?

What do you need?

I am creating virtual spaces for my community to come together and share, learn, be open and grow.

This Wednesday, March 25th, at 7 PM EST, I am conducting a resilience and positive intelligence virtual training for free within my community. I share tools and tips that you can practice developing during times of uncertainty. You can use these tips with your colleagues, your friends and family to offer additional support. 

RSVP here to join us for a virtual training and up-level your leadership as we move through a time with a lot of unanswered questions.

For anyone who has never experienced coaching with me before, I am offering a free 40-minute coaching call if you want to chat and you are open to coaching for a more positive perspective and clarity on your future. Click here to book with me. 

Sending you lots of love.

– Sonia Grossi, CPCC, CMP

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