If you are holding tightly to something, within the illusion of control, what are you NOT allowing IN?

When I heard myself say this out loud with my business coach the other day, I thought to myself, damn. That’s been me!

As much as I pride myself on thinking I’m an over evolved human and more so than many (ego voice), I realized that lately, I haven’t let the magic shine through as much as I’d like it to. I’ve been holding on too tightly, and because of that, I’ve felt ick. 

When we do this, all the magic coming our way is SLOW. It’s trying to reach you because the Universe has your back, but there is something getting in the way. This is a hard one to swallow for us A-types like myself. We think we are in control, when in fact, we aren’t. The only thing we are controlling is the very thing we fear to happen to us anyways. WE might be afraid that the people we love will leave us. WE might be fearful that the money is just not enough to do the things we want, so we HOLD onto it even tighter. WE might be thinking that we have everything in order and can do it on our own, so we don’t ask for HELP and end up feeling like no one cares about us.

I am a control-freak in recovery. I’ve had to learn along the way that my patterns of controlling, people-pleasing, and over giving were not healthy for me. They aren’t healthy for anyone for that matter. Once an over-achieving control freak has kept this up for quite some time, we shut down, and close ourselves off to the rest of the world and we become “cold” to others, or at least how they see it.

I still find myself sometimes falling into this default pattern in my relationships with people and then I have to go back and revert. The truth is I can’t control anyone or how they are going to respond to me. I want to allow more freedom, space, and magic into my life. 

How can you do this?

Affirmations were a game-changer for me when I started saying them out loud each morning. At first, I thought it was weird and bogus. Too woo woo for me. Wouldn’t change anything. Just a waste of energy. I was committed enough to start and eventually, I found myself down a deeper and more fulfilling path in my life. 

Here are 5 Things to Remind Yourself Daily

  1.  I am ready for more surprises in my life
  2. I am ready to find my “people.”
  3. I deserve relationships that bring me p
  4. My current reality is allowing me to grow into the person I want to become
  5. I am on the path towards MY fulfillment 

Say these each day, out loud, to yourself. I guarantee that the people and experiences you are seeking will show up for you, as long as you give up the control of when and how it will show up. Tough eh?

and…if you are ready to take this one step further, check out my introduction coaching program for anyone who has never worked with me before. Go from where you THINK you should be to where you KNOW where you want to be.

Much love, Sonia

Photo by Slava B on Unsplash

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