What happens when you don’t do what you say you are going to do?

What happens when your impact on others is toxic, and you’ve heard the feedback already?

What happens when you believe that you can say whatever you need to say to get the results you want?

What happens next?

I ran a workshop on emotional intelligence to 17 people. I called it “Emotional Decoupling.” We talked about how not to take things personally because it is usually never about you anyway. One person challenged me in the class and said, “What about people’s accountability? They can’t just act however they want, and nothing ever happens to them.”

As much as I wanted to agree with her and I can empathize with her, it’s also not our responsibility to make sure others fall in line. The only person that can ever do that is ourselves and for ourselves. We have that responsibility for ourselves.

What we can do in these circumstances is set a boundary with someone and say, “If this continues, I will no longer be a part of it.” Or something to that effect.

That is OUR responsibility. OUR responsibility is to let others know where we stand. What we will tolerate and what we won’t. What people do with that information is entirely up to them. We need to prepare, that sometimes we need to follow through on our boundary-setting and what we said we would no longer be a part of.

As leaders, we know that it is our job to align and empower those around us. We do this by leading by example, sharing a compelling vision and mission, overcoming barriers with solutions, being resourceful, inspiring others, building relationships, connection, courage, vulnerability, accountability, and so on.

The answer to my question, Does Accountbailbity Have Consequences, is yes, it does.

When you delay taking a certification you’ve wanted for years, the consequence of that is you might not be considered for opportunities. Every time you place an item of garbage in the trash when it’s supposed to go into recycling, that affects our planet. Every time you neglect your friendships, the people around you will slowly start to disappear. When a leader in the organization is going through a tough time at home, and still shows up to work every day, but seems off and not themself, this will affect the corporate culture. These all might go unsaid, but they are happening whether you see it or not. Cause and effect.

So, what are you delaying? What are you accountable for to yourself and others?

Where do you need support in looking at the broader vision you have and holding accountability to that vision?

What resources do you need to invite into your organization and change the status quo?

I’m here to work with you and take a look at what’s happening underneath the surface and move you to the places you want to go.

I work with organizations that have the vision to improve, to be better, and focus on their people’s development. If this sounds like you, and you are seeking someone who CAN empower your teams and move them alongside a new journey. There might be changes and barriers in the way, and my job is to look past them with a new set of lenses.

Want to learn more about how we can work together? Please book a consultation chat with me here.

I offer one on one coaching programs to senior leaders and high potentials, leadership development workshops, team coaching, training and development programs for teams and cross-functional teams, and more.

Check out my leadership development programs here.

-Sonia Grossi, CPCC

Photo by Charles Postiaux on Unsplash

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