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Welcome to 2020! It’s officially here.

As the new year and new decade is officially our reality, I have a lot to say about that. For my newsletter, I will share with you a bit instead 😉

Something I realized recently but always knew deep down inside was that our actions, choices, thoughts, and behaviours shape our experiences and create our reality. 

Now, if you are into the spiritual stuff or woo woo as they call it like me, it kind of makes sense? Or maybe it doesn’t. So let me explain.

2020 is going to be different for me because I have officially levelled up and chosen circumstances to reflect that I’m ready for it. 

I no longer have the time, capacity or energy for certain things this year or to spend it with people who aren’t supportive or reciprocal. It sounds harsh and maybe a little selfish, but at the same time, I was never someone who wanted to live my life in survival mode and live its mediocrity. You can certainly do that too.

I was always someone who wanted more because I was told at a young age that I wasn’t allowed to have it. Call it the rebel in me now. Nothing came easy. Nothing came free. If I wanted something, I had to make it on my own, and that’s the way life is. That’s the story I had in the background. Anything I wanted, I had to exchange my time for money, to pay and afford my life. I found out, the way I was operating wasn’t generating me enough money to support the life I wanted, because I didn’t think I deserved to have it all.

Time is our most valuable resource. The way we choose to spend it, what we choose to focus on, who we spend it with, who we chose to respond to, all the things really. The interesting thing about time is that depending on where we “spend it,” it can either fulfill us or completely drain us. The draining part will take us into a downward spiral, costing and wasting us more time. Ew.

I wouldn’t say I spent a lot of my time on things that drained me in 2019; however, there are a few things I need to tweak in 2020 to reach some of the new goals that are important to me. 

  • I’m ready to let go of people who don’t support my highest good.
  • I’m ready to let go of having to respond to everyone that sends me a message on FB chat, Instagram chat, WhatsApp, Text Message, Email, Bumble, Hinge etc. just because they want a response from me when they want it. 
  • I’m ready to let go of physical pain in my body and take better care of it.
  • I’m ready to let go of making myself convenient to others with my strengths in leadership, planning and organization. Someone can take over sometimes.

So, what are you ready to let go for 2020? 

What’s it going to take for you to reach a new level if you are ready for it?

If you can take 2 mins to respond to this email and let me know that would be awesome!

OR, join me on a short journey starting Jan 28th and Feb 11th with a follow-up leadership and strategy coaching call with yours truly. I have a few tickets left for the early bird price, which ends on Jan 10th. I invite you to a Goal Setting Group Program with a small group of amazing people who want 2020 to look different than 2019 with FOCUS, CLARITY, and VISION.

  • Do you have big money 💰 goals to work on for 2020?
  • Do you want to experience more fun 💃 and adventure?
  • Do you want a promotion? 🤴👸 Do you want more romance? Yes❤️ 
  • Do you want to spend time with people who matter? 🙌 
  • Do you want to feel physically strong? 💪 
  • Do you need to set boundaries in your life and at work?

Bring it all to the table as we start Jan 28th. We will get to know how you want 2020 to FEEL… 

I keep hearing that 2020 is your year, so let’s work on making it happen. I take you through a short journey to help you gain the clarity, focus and vision you need to change things up this year.

For more information and to RSVP for your early bird ticket before Jan 10th, click here 

We begin as a group on January 28th and then on February 11th through Zoom at 7 PM with a small group of people. Don’t worry; I give you the stuff to work on so we can create tangible action items. Join me and before early bird ends –> CLICK HERE


Sonia Grossi, CPCC

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