What did I learn from Bali 2019? That is a loaded question, for real.

Here are some categories I explored/took away these past three weeks:

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • 1st World Problems
  • Trust
  • Safety
  • Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Groups of People 
  • Making Decisions
  • Fear vs Fearless
  • Religion
  • Loving Myself
  • Compromise
  • Perspectives
  • Who I want to work with
  • There is so much garbage
Rice fields in Bali

That’s quite a bit of takeaway for three weeks away from home. Indonesia is the farthest country from Canada I’ve seen so far. I had a 15-hour flight to Hong Kong and then another 4.5-hour plane to Bali. After 10 hours of being in the air, it takes a toll, and everything in my body was agitated. I survived, and it was worth it. 

I realize now more than ever that I want to spend my money on experiencing different countries and cultures. I’ll figure out a way to save for the later years of my life as I do anticipate to make it there, but you can never predict how much time we have left on Earth. 

I visited Bali, Lombok and Gili T, which are all parts of Indonesia, and on separate islands. Indonesia is a third world country, and the people are Hindu or Muslim mostly. They have a lot of garbage in the streets and their ocean. I didn’t see the plastic in the sea as my group went snorkeling one day that I choose to stay on land. When I did snorkel in Gili T, I felt relieved that I did not find garbage in the areas they brought us to as I witnessed the sea turtles.

I cried when I arrived at Lombok because of the amount of garbage and poverty I saw. When we visited some villages in Lombok, they reminded us that they don’t see themselves as poor because they still have everything they need, and it’s enough. That blew me away. I felt like a spoiled brat to be honest when I thought about the things I complain about back home. The people were lovely, kind, and friendly. You still need to be careful, but for the most part, they were a treat to be around and treated me like a Queen even though there were parts of me that felt like I didn’t deserve it. I highly recommend that when you visit Bali, to try their Balinese massages. They are fantastic and inexpensive. You can tip them well because the massages are significantly less than what we pay in Toronto, and they need the money. 

There were parts of me that were conflicting while I was there. There was a part of me that was grateful for my life and what I had back home. There was a part of me that felt spoiled and as if I shouldn’t complain ever again.  I thought to myself, who am I to complain when these people have so much less? There was a part of me that felt entitled and way too privileged for my own good. There was a part of me that felt SO good to be able to give back to the people of Indonesia as I bought clothes from locals, tipped well, and supported several restaurants and activities in each town I visited.

I think it’s important for us to see the world and meet people who live in another city or country. It’s humbling and opens our hearts even more. At least for me, it does. I spent more money than I anticipated, but I looked at it as creating abundance by being generous to myself and generous to those that need it. I have more clarity around where I want to spend my money. I no longer feel the need to buy cheaper items as in clothes, shoes, or even just being cheap when I travel. It’s just not worth it to be cheap anymore. I’m over 30 now LOL. 

My leadership was tested as I arrived solo in Indonesia and then was part of a 14 person group/tour. I found my people, and we had a TON of fun, laughs, and surprises along the way. I noticed how people seek me out because I make decisions, and I know what I want, which I started to see that not everyone has this “skill set” so naturally. I’d be at the dinner table with a group of 14 people I just met, and they’d ask me what’s next. F***, it was crazy. At one point, I said to myself internally, who the f*** am I right now? It was COOL — leadership man. My inner Cleopatra was coming out large. 

I started to think of myself as a Country I am building just like any country that already exists. I thought about how friggen amazing and fascinating leading a country is and the amount of power and influence it takes to lead one. I was thinking about how I was at the Hong Kong airport, while there is a massive protest going on just outside of me, and I am still able to land here and move to my next destination. 

The country I am building is Sonia. I am decisive, and I know what I want and will not let anymore stop me. I don’t take $*** from people. I ask for things I need/want/deserve. I invest money in ME to create more abundance for myself and the people around me. I want to continuously improve as much as I can while I’m here. Anyone who is accepted into my world is pretty awesome and gives just as much as they receive without expectations. I love people hard who share the same values. I close my doors to people who take advantage of others, toxic and just don’t get it.

Snorkeling in Gili T

My country is relatively new and yet advanced at the same time. I’ve got a team to support me; I have systems in place for functionality and ease, and a level of awareness of what I stand for and what I need to live a fulfilled life. This is all metaphorically speaking, by the way!

My questions to you are:

  • What do you need to build your country?
  • What systems do you need to set up?
  • Who is your team that is on your side, no matter what?
  • Where are you investing your money? 
  • What do you stand for?
  • What will it take for you to live on purpose?
  • Where can you still align yourself with other partnerships that make sense?

To book some time with me and see if we are a fit for coaching, click here and let’s chat.

I look forward to meeting you where you’re at as I am taking on one more client on a coaching journey of self-discovery so that you can be the person you were meant to be, full expression. 

P.S. I have a workshop in Toronto coming up in November that I’d love you to join.

Self-Love Workshop on November 19th in Toronto

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Sonia Grossi
Coach + Facilitator

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