Ahhh the common theme I hear from people these days without them asking for it in that way.

Everyone wants the next best thing. They don’t want to invest the time or money to change. They want to find the fastest way possible to succeed. They don’t want to wait. They are impatient and anxious. They want someone to tell them what to do.

I get all of these things. I used to think this way and BE this way. 

I used to think that if I hired a coach, I’d be fixed in no time. I thought that if I took this expensive course, I’d be changed and free. If I stopped responding to that person, they would get the hint and go away. If I got into a relationship, I’d finally fill the void that’s been missing. If I just fixed it, then I’d be okay. I kept feeling like I needed to fix something within myself and that it would be a quick fix. These beliefs ran through my mind, and I made choices out of impulse instead of alignment. I made choices out of scarcity, not abundance. Out of desperation, not trust.

Man, was I ever wrong! 

I am still a work-in-progress, and the thing that I remind myself of today more than ever is how much kinder I need to be to myself. My new message in my business is about the relationship you have with yourself because that is the most important one we have in this life. I can see it with my eyes just how unkind people are to themselves even if they have said very little to me in any interaction. 

If you want to change your life, and if you are ready, I am not going to give you the how to do it necessarily, but, I will love you completely. I will be your biggest cheerleader, I will 100% believe in you, I will ask you to look at the stuff you don’t want to, and I will offer you a new perspective on the things you keep doing over and over again. I will be your biggest fan because I know the person underneath it all, is absolutely magnificent. 

You need to commit to yourself, your life and the people you care about the most. You need to put effort, time and care into YOU. 

Here are some of my new focuses as I am learning to be kind and patient with myself. Believe me, this is where change begins. 

  1. Focus on my health and well-being. I have had a lot of joint pain lately, and my eating habits are not right. I am putting this as a priority; otherwise, I won’t make it past 40 and to be honest, I don’t like feeling pain.
  2. Freeing up my calendar for me. I have said yes and opened up my calendar to people who would cancel last minute, over and over again, which drains my time, and energy, and impacts my business and my wellbeing. I need to set the priority for me and my time and make time for people who meet me halfway. I can’t be available to everyone and everyone as much as I’d like to sometimes.
  3. Letting go of the hold on all the things I think I still can’t have like my dream king, and charming home. These beliefs that it’s too hard or not available to me have drained me in more ways than one. I let go of my attachment to these things and am learning to be happy without them with full trust that I will have them.
  4. Social media limitations. Literally, driving me crazy, and I need not be addicted to my phone. The amount of people that can message you on multiple platforms online is insane, and I can’t respond to everyone at all hours of the day, seven days a week, and it’s become an expectation for some people. 
  5. Setting boundaries. I am learning to say no more often to people and opportunities that don’t feel right. I am learning to let go of responsibilities that are not mine. I am learning to speak my truth.

The truth is there isn’t a quick fix. It doesn’t exist. Your life is a work-in-progress, and everything you experience along the way teaches you something if you are looking for it with intention. I no longer work with clients looking for a quick fix because I don’t view them as broken as they don’t need saving.

I work with clients who trust in the process of coaching and trust my inner wisdom. I work with clients for a minimum of six-months one one one, and I empower you to become the person you are meant to be and who you choose to be. Think of me like the soulmate you never thought you’d meet. I don’t mess around either and neither should you. If you are curious to work with me, check out what we cover in Grow the Leader Within Coaching Program, click here.

I have one spot left, and we begin October until April. I don’t have a lot of space to take on new clients for the rest of the year, so I hope you are ready to start your new and exciting journey with someone who believes in you wholeheartedly. That’s me by the way 😉

The changes you seek awaits. Curious and ready? Book a complimentary discovery call with me here. I can’t wait!

xoxo, Sonia Grossi

Co-Active Coach, Facilitator, Leadership Expert

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