Even if you haven’t made a decision on that thing, you are still choosing it to be that way.

You are always at choice. ALWAYS. 

You are far more resourceful than you give yourself credit for, did you know that? You have access to resources you haven’t even considered yet and then some.

You are fully capable of creating the life you want. I see it all the time with my one on one coaching clients. They come to me confused, stuck, unsure of where to go next, believing that their distant dream isn’t for them and isn’t realistic. 

I love listening to people who come to me with reasons why they can’t do something because of something.

  • They have responsibilities
  • They don’t have the money
  • They have a mortgage
  • They have a marriage they can’t leave
  • They can’t quit because of what other people think about them
  • They don’t have the time
  • They can’t leave their partner because they are a good person
  • They can’t because they have it good where they are, and it won’t be the same elsewhere
  • They don’t come from privilege
  • They don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings

I get it. When we live in a world of domination, and what that means is we live in a world of fear, scarcity and lack. It’s not enough, and there isn’t enough to go around. We are competing against one another. Our insecurities drive our choices. We are letting our younger selves run our lives. That little girl or boy inside of you that didn’t have the self-awareness to understand the world around them entirely is still in there, but they don’t need to take the driving wheel anymore.

I’m here to tell you something. You are always at choice. You can create what you set your mind to and commit to. It may not go 100% according to plan, and you may fail once, twice, three times even, but that doesn’t matter. You will learn, and you are taking a stand for your life and telling yourself that you matter because you DO matter!

I genuinely believe that you can live your life as mediocrity as possible. Safe, comfortable, and living your life based on what everyone else is doing or has told you to do because it means you did it and are successful. I hear that I have a millennial mindset, and not everyone can take vacations to Bali for two weeks and pay for leadership programs. Not everyone is as free as me because I don’t have children, or a spouse, or a mortgage to pay off etc.

I get it. I don’t understand what it’s like to be in your shoes and to live a life of confinement. I was once there though, and I could have kept going.

I had the most traditional, conservative, Italian old school parents ever who told me what I needed to do. They were strict and yes, controlling. They didn’t allow me to hang out with my friends often let alone hang out with boys in my teenaged years. I had a curfew earlier than my friends. I was told to get a job at 16 if I wanted a cell phone while my friend’s parents paid for their phones. I wasn’t allowed to drive their car because it cost them insurance, so I took the bus while my friend’s parents gave their kids cars to use.  Yes, I know, tough life eh! They’d say, go to University, don’t date boys until your 50 (exaggeration), get a good job with the government and a pension plan, buy a house, and marry an Italian man who will take care of you forever and ever and have his babies.

That was it. That’s what I learned to do, and it was so ingrained in me that it was hard to let all of that go once I started becoming my own person and realizing I’m not here to please anyone. I’m not here to prove myself to anyone. I’m here to give myself everything I want to experience in this lifetime, even the crazy big dreams that are terrifying and seem out of reach. I’m creating the life I want to live for myself, and the only person who needs to believe in it is me.

Fulfillment is your birthright. You are meant to feel good, and somehow we have forgotten that along the way and you can blame it on a consumerism culture we now live in and it comes with us feeling not enough which is why we buy, buy, buy. 

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Your soul, spirit, knows that you are here for eternity, and your physical form is not, and that’s OK.

So what can you do with knowing that you are choosing your life?

Do you want to uplevel and try something new?

Are you ready to let go of the story you keep telling yourself that you aren’t enough, you are broken, and you need fixing? 

I 100% believe you don’t need to be fixed or taken care of. You are a naturally creative, resourceful and whole being. What if I gave you a magic wand and said that you could have the life you want, and feel the way you want to feel, all you need is this magic wand, and it will paint you the picture to step into and live it fully.

We are not afraid of failure; we are afraid of how powerful we are beyond measure.  We are actually more afraid of what we can create with our power, strength, and courage because to be able to live life that way has meaning to you. It has layers upon layers of who are you to be happy and fulfilled and prosperous and be with someone who lights you on fire and loves you. 

I’ve seen people completely change their jobs, move to a different country, divorce their spouses after years of being married, skydive even if it floats your boat. I’ve witnessed the transformation, and you can too, you can have everything you want. 

Do you want to chat with me and find out how to make your dream a reality? 

Get clarity, love, support, be challenged, and experience a free from judgement conversation, one on one, with me, your coach, ally, and biggest cheerleader. I don’t need to give you my opinion, or advice, you have all the answers within already. 

I know you can do it ❤

Click here to schedule a complimentary sample coaching session and find out more.

Love Sonia

Co-Active Coach, Facilitator and Leadership Expert

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