We are so complex.

We are so paradoxical. We are so ambiguous.

We are so much more than we believe ourselves to be capable of being.

We are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

Some of us have NO idea the immense crazy and beauty we can be all together, all at the same time, precisely as we are.

One day we are filled with sadness and sorrow and jealousy. The next day we can be filled with joy and happiness. Up and down the roller coaster goes.

What’s happening?

I’ll tell you what’s happening.

As I explore the emotional and rational minds of humans by having a full practice of clients, I see who we really are at the core. We all have fears; we all have wounds; we all have habits and patterns. I have the honour to witness emotional vulnerability at the forefront. I have the privilege to hear peoples’ dreams and desires. I have the fierce courage to tell someone when they are playing small and that they are SO much more than how they view themselves. It’s quite incredible.

I almost look at having a coach as being with a soul mate. Not a romantic soul mate obviously, but very similar to what I interpret as a soul mate’s job.

Some of the responsibilities of a soul mate include, in my opinion:

Someone who holds space for you, listens to your fears, doesn’t judge you, accepts you for who you are, flaws and all, and comes to you like a force of nature, grows you, cheers for you, and is like a best friend that GENUINELY wants to see you succeed on your terms. Someone who doesn’t think you need to be fixed or sees you as broken or as a failure. Someone who understands you as truly powerful, connected, loved, brilliant, and magnificent. Some who knows you can have it all if only you believed it for yourself. Some who understands that despite your troubles, victim story, mishaps, wounds, you aren’t any of those things and wants you to change your story, so that you can be powerful no matter the circumstance.

What would that be worth to you to work with someone like that?
What would that be like to have a conversation with someone like that?
What would be possible for you then?

I do not let you play small, and I also don’t believe your B.S. story that it won’t work for you and you have NO options. I don’t, truthfully and honestly.

When you elevate your consciousness and begin to see people’s stories as B.S. and not their truth, the whole game changes.

Some people want to stay stuck. Stay stuck in victim story. They say they want to move forward and don’t know how to get there. They aren’t ready to take responsibility to own their $*** and lack the accountability for their efforts. They want someone else to make things easy for them. They want free stuff all the time because it’s just too hard. They come up with every excuse in the book because they might not be ready to leap or they don’t believe it can change for the better.

I know what it feels like to not feel ready. I was holding off on a lot of things I wanted to do because I was afraid I wouldn’t make money to do them. Guess what? I spent the cash anyways — MY MONEY. My hard earned money that took me so long to save. Not my husbands, not my parents, not my companies (anymore), or my boyfriends. The money that took me time to obtain for services rendered. You know what it came down to for me? How badly did I want to be living a new life? How committed was I to having that life? The answer was that I needed to take responsibility and just go for it in the unknown of it all. It wasn’t easy, and it definitely was worth it.

I am learning what it means not to feel the fear and do it anyways.

Next up, I’m booking my Bali trip for September, and I’m excited about my leadership program in California in 2020. I don’t think I could have gotten this far this fast without the coaches I hired in the past three years. It’s truly magical what you can do when you change your support groups. Friends have good intentions, but they give you horrible advice. Boyfriends? Well, I don’t have any of those. Family, you get the drift.

Are you ready to take responsibility for the life you want to create?
Are you ready to find out what that looks like and start living it?

Work with me for six months in my program Change Your World Coaching and begin to experience life the way you were meant to live it. I have one spot open for a new client starting in June 2019. Book your complimentary coaching call below to experience coaching with me. You’ve got this.

Love, Sonia Grossi

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