Man oh man oh man.

I am in a state of loving the people around me.

I’m creating something that feels different to me right now. My work is shifting and feels like transitioning. I’m just being me, and people love it. I feel the gravitational, magnetic pull by me just showing up. It’s easy and effortless, and I make others feel good because I see them through all the stuff they’ve learned over time. I listen to them. I get them. I understand them. I acknowledge them. I show them who they are meant to be and I certainly don’t let them play small. I lean into the discomfort of having the conversation that says, “You’re terrific, and you are playing small right now, and you deserve better.” It isn’t easy sometimes being that person and sometimes in the past, people didn’t want to hear what I had to say. It comes with the gift. Not everyone is ready to see what you see. Yikes.

We need more people to fight for each other when it comes from the heart. There are too many people afraid to show up for people. I’m not saying you need to love everyone, no. However, people want to feel a sense of belonging and the way we can do that, is starting with you.

We crave connection. We want non-physical intimacy and vulnerability. In today’s culture, we are so disconnected from ourselves and others when we are left to our own devices.

Building communities of people is like going back to the ancient times before electricity was ever even a thing. Now that we are self-sufficient and we have the technology to support us as a few examples, we don’t try as hard to connect with others because we feel like we don’t need to. It’s easier to sit home on the couch watching Netflix with a glass of wine. You can place an order at Walmart and have your items delivered to your house. You get the drift.

Beautiful things happen when you allow people to feel a sense of belonging. When you say things like, “I want to see you because it won’t be the same without you.” What’s that feel like?

When you make an effort by reaching out to someone and invite them because you want them there, this is what we crave and sometimes is what is fundamentally missing. We desire it so much, and I do not believe that people are too busy. That’s not what I’ve seen lately. I’ve seen people show up who are FAR more “busy” than me with their marriage, kids, kids hockey practices, businesses, etc. come out because they want the energy, they want to feel connected, have fun, and be social. What a concept?

When you let go of judging people and be curious about others instead, when you let go of I’m not happy where I am today and show up for others, and they recognize that, the magic happens. Believe me on this.

Get out of your house, expand your network and communities of people because there are a TON of golden gifts available to you that starts from outside of your home. Stop watching Netflix at home every night. It’s not good for your brain anyway. Netflix once in a while is cool :S

We want to feel like people want us around. So show up, and make new friends, put effort into your friendships and relationships because that’s what it’s all about. That’s what life is about.


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Much love, Sonia

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