Abracadabra comes from a Hebrew saying which means in English – “I will create as I will speak.” Clever magicians!

What words are you choosing to say out loud that is stopping you in your tracks?

Do you know that it’s doing this?

Everything you say I don’t have enough or know enough you send a command to your body and mind that you do not have enough.

Stop telling yourself the lie. Stop. Now!

I hear my clients talk like this:

I’m not good at this.
I don’t have enough of this.
I don’t understand this.
I’m never going be able to do that.
I don’t have that.
That’s just not me.

Woah, Woah Woah. You can tell where people are at based on how they talk about themselves and their lives.

I used to not notice these things in others, and that’s because I would join in on the pity party as well. I was hard on myself. I never forgave myself. I had high expectations for myself and others. Those that I surrounded myself at the time were similar in their unique ways until they had enough of me. It’s the truth. I’m glad I had people turn away from me, and also I turn away from them. It gave me SO much to learn and take with me into my future relationships.

Since my personal leadership evolution that I’ve put a TON of time, money and effort into, I changed the way I speak about myself and others. It’s most certainly not perfect, and it’s also much different than three years ago. There is power in your language. When we say things, we speak it into existence, and I fully believe that the Universe responds accordingly. How do I know this? Because I am living it. I took personal responsibility in 2016 and said enough is enough, I want to start my own thing, find my passion, find the love I seek and move towards it — no more excuses. Three years later, I’m doing things I never thought I “could” do. I experience life in a completely different way that brings me so much joy. I found people that I feel entirely and utterly bonded with and I feel safe with them. I’m OK to be me. My income’s increased, I’m making a powerful impact on the people I work with, and I’m having a HELL of a lot more fun than I used to, and that’s because I choose to.

Here are some suggestions to catch yourself from the trap:

  • Instead of, “I don’t have that.” Say, “What DO I HAVE that gives me the same feeling or thing.”
  • Instead of, “I’m not good at that.” Say, I am allowing myself to fail first and learn from it.”
  • Instead of, “I don’t have any money.” Say, “I am attracting the abundance and prosperity in my life to pay for it.”
  • Instead of hanging with people who constantly complain about everything, stop hanging out with them for a while and notice what changes for you.

Let it go. Don’t overthink. Don’t say how am I going to do it. You are still in resistance if you keep worrying about how. Trust that something bigger than you is working for you to give you what you want. The Universe has your back. Thank you, Gabby Bernstein.

Take risks. The Universe will respond to your requests; however, you say them out loud. But you need to do the work. The Universe likes an equal playing field 🙂 Ironically, so do I in my relationships too 🙂

Do you want to bust through the lies you are telling yourself? Let’s work together. I work one on one with women and men who are tired of playing it safe and listening to the lies of others about who they are. Book a complimentary discovery call with me below and let’s chat.

Love, Sonia Grossi

Leadership Coach + Facilitator

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