Did you know that your body has more wisdom than your brain does? Our minds are intelligent, keeps us alive, keeps all the functions working behind the scenes, is analytical, retains information, allows us to be creative, and the list goes on.

Your brain can be your ally or your enemy, depending on how you use it.

I am someone who is very aware of how much my brain can confuse me into making a particular decision about things. I sometimes feel like I’m two people: the one who is over analytical and critical, and the one who has this inner knowing of things. The inner knowing of things is in my body. At least that’s where I access it. Whenever I listen to what my body tells me, it’s always been right. Listen to your gut right? Isn’t that saying or something?

Recently, I’ve had to tap into what my body tells me in my life + business because, to be honest, my brain was telling me a lot of things. My brain was telling me things that were causing me stress and anxiety. I couldn’t sleep, and the inner chatter was driving me a little cray.

What I realized about my hidden abilities is that when I’m confused, don’t know what to do, acting out of insecurity or lack of options, stressed, I need to connect with myself. I connect with myself and feel what’s going on. I try a new approach. What this gives me is a whole lot of information that my brain can not give me. My mind doubts what’s good for me or what I want out of life. Damn that thing.

Here is what I do to connect with myself:

  • I create a beautiful space in my room. Salt lamp on. Lavender diffuser check. Oracle cards ready.
  • I sit on my bed, legs crossed in comfy clothes.
  • I ask myself a few questions and see how my body reacts.
  • What’s going on here? I let my body feel something.
  • What is true about this situation? Feel into that.
  • What is untrue about this situation? Feel into that.
  • If you were to stop all the mind chatter and what other people have told you about this situation, what here now? Feel into it even more.
  • and finally, do you want to move forward? Yes or No. It’s a very quick response. If it’s anything less than a hell yes, then it’s a NO.

Do you know how many people will continue to move forward after they are unsure if it’s a yes? It amazes me how many people will force or control things to work out the way they want it to. I’ve been there. I’ve done that, and when I look back at my life, my body always knew the answer to things before they even started.

For me when something isn’t right, I feel uncomfortable and distressed. Awkward even.

When something is right, it feels GOOD, lights me up, I feel alive, comfortable and at peace with myself. It’s a huge difference.

Why don’t we listen and connect to ourselves more and take the time to be with yourself and our experiences? We’re too busy, were too “connected” to our devices, we just haven’t got the time. We’ve also been conditioned for so long about how life is supposed to be and what would make us happy. For women, it’s a pretty interesting story we are holding onto, and I see more and more of us confused even more so than ever.

Now we have more choices, more options, we have careers, and we are working our way up, slowly but surely. The world is shifting its story, and we are in the middle of it. We are in the middle of the paradigm shift. Challenging what life is really about — challenging the status quo and questioning what would truly make us happy in the world today.

I encourage all of you goddesses out there to connect to yourself more, to love yourself more, to choose yourself first — every single TIME. I warn you. This will make people uncomfortable as F*&$. In the midst of all of the chatter, just know, you are shifting your reality day by day by trusting yourself and believing that you are an incredible and magnificent human being.

Want to set up a routine to connect to yourself but don’t know how? If you are curious about how this can help you and what it looks like for YOU, schedule a free 20-minute discovery call with me, and we will come up with a plan that feels GOOD for you — click here.

As my intuition and body say now, you are a goddess in search of all the wonderful people and things you desire, don’t stop until you find it 🙂


Sonia Grossi

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