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Did you know that there is a HUGE difference between living on purpose versus living with what feels safe and comfortable? Security is actually a myth. Humans are in an ever state of growing and changing with no guarantee of what’s next in any area of our lives.

Are you living on purpose? Have you designed a life around what matters to you?


Are you playing it safe and use the excuses of I’m too tired, I have no time, I like my salary with benefits and can’t give that up, I need to own a home so I can adult, I need to get married otherwise I’ll be alone forever and my family will judge me and set me up with people I would NEVER date. The truth is, I’ve seen people with marriages, successful careers, tons of money, mortgages and they are STILL so unhappy and unfulfilled. They still feel like something is missing from their lives and they often find it hard to admit. People are unsure of what that something missing is because they feel like they “should” be happy. They did everything they thought they should be doing and yet on the other side of that, they are lonely. I hear people say to me before they hire me as their coach that they are scared to work with me because of what they might find underneath. This excites me even more because I know change is about to happen by working with me. I’ve also seen people get so caught up in the middle of all of it and try to convince me that they are happy. I’ve been given the superhero power of being able to see right through people. Convincing behaviour is a trigger to me now because insecurity is underneath that. People specifically try to convince me because they know I see through the B.S. I once had a friend who every time I saw her, she’d assure me that the guy she can finally call her boyfriend after 1.5 years of turmoil and tears, was so amazing and did all these nice things for her. I also knew he wasn’t fully committed to her even though they were playing in the same sandbox sort of speak. She was one of my biggest teachers with the lesson titled, “Convince”.

As a coach, I’m trained to see what’s underneath all of that and call it as I see it. It’s beautiful and serves my clients so well in helping them change and transform.

Purpose driven is something I’ve never experienced up until now. Once I designed what I wanted my life to look like and figured that out (through hiring a coach), I stepped in and felt all the anxiousness and uncertainty of it all. I spent a ton of my savings to keep up with the expenses once I quit my job and contract jobs ended. I gave up paid cell phones, benefits, free gym memberships, stable income, expensed lunches with co-workers, paid conferences in hot countries, vacation time and profit sharing plans. I gave up the dream of owning a home before 30 because I wanted something different. I didn’t want to put my dreams on hold anymore so that I could buy into what considers me as “successful” to the rest of the world. Trust me, this was not easy, and I saw everyone around me spending money on ridiculous things while I was sitting there declining invites because I wasn’t making money. I stepped back from spending money on gifts, cash on travel, I started paying for my prescriptions, eye care, and dental care out of pocket. I even postponed my dentist appointment because I didn’t want to fork out the cash. Rebel!

freedom rejection

In hindsight and as painful as it all was, I have built my foundation after two years of being stuck, hopeless, victim to circumstances, and having anxious energy. Having said that, money is flowing to me today. It’s easy, and I am giving back to the world in the way that I feel is so desperately needed. You should hear some of the things I’ve seen and done lately. I observe the world differently and can pinpoint what the world is missing. I’m learning that not everyone is going to like me. In fact, just my presence only sometimes pisses people off. I don’t expect too much from anyone and let it flow. I’m into holistic well-being and learn about chakras, meditate, and raise my frequency. There is a whole world out there waiting for you to play with and it can be extremely beautiful. There are different people to meet, friends to do business with, strangers who you can coach and change their lives, relationships that inspire growth and step out of the familiar. It’s pretty awesome, and I used to be someone who stuck to people who were familiar. My radar for who is a fit for me is on point today. The people in my life today are people I never thought would serve me in my early twenties.

I’m working towards my purpose, and it feels incredible. I’m not stuck in something that sucks my soul, and I choose not to play certain games anymore. Yes, my salary significantly dropped for a few years as a tiny setback, however, at the end of the day, I’m doing something that matters to me today, get paid what I deserve, and learned a s&^* ton along the way. My wisdom and intuition are worth something and people are seeking me to help them live their dreams too because they look at me and believe its possible.

Join me at my next workshop, Kick Your Should List Goodbye on November 19th at CSI Spadina for a soul-searching, self-discovery event with a bunch of like-minded women. Stop chasing your should list because it is not going to fix your problems and it most definitely will not be fulfilling in the long-run. I can help you dive deep, soul search, discover the self, and release what’s holding you back.

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xoxo, Sonia

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