How do you show up everyday for the people in your life? What do you sound like when you pick up someone’s call? Here are some things I’ve heard lately…and only because I’ve been paying attention.

Sonia: “Hey! how’s it going?”

Other person: “Hi. I’m tired.”

Sonia: “how come?”

Other person: “I don’t know I’m just tired, I’m stressed, and overwhelmed. Can’t get anything done. I have so much on my plate right now. I don’t have enough money. My mom wants me to take her to the mall. My sister doesn’t do anything to help with the family. Ugh. So annoyed….*Pause*

Sonia: “Yeah I get it”

The person on the other line sounds soooo depressed might I add. That’s not how you want to show up for people. Does it sound familiar though? I know I’ve sounded like that a lot in the past. Drama, drama, drama.

Who wants to talk to someone who sounds like that. It’s not empowering or powerful and to be honest, no one really cares. If you do sound like that and you have a lot of friends, God bless your friends for standing for you. They are tough!

It’s time to stop with the story telling and be unstoppable. Stand for your people. Inspire your people. Love your people. Be present with your people (do not check your phone when out for dinner). Don’t use the people around you so you can keep feeding yourself the same story you’ve been telling since you were 5. If you don’t know what that looks like, ask your friends and family honestly what they think you sound like. Are you a positive person, a leader, a great listener? What they say about you can give you insight.

What I mean by being unstoppable is knowing that the only time we have is now. Tomorrow is an illusion of a reality that isn’t available in the now. What’s available for us is now and present. What’s available for us are the actions we take now to get the results we want for the perceived future. Our past doesn’t dictate our present or our future.

If you aren’t getting the results you want in certain areas of your life like your career or relationships, there may be something holding you back from being powerful and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can always ask for help to discover what that is and how to be inspiring again. How can you be inspiring to others and share your vision and purpose in life? Stop living life through a dull lens and choose to live it in technicolour. It’s way more fun!

Seriously, no one wants to hear your story anyways. It’s just a huge energy drain.

Reach out to me to see how I can help by scheduling a call – click here

I’m happy to give you tough love and give it to you straight so you can be a powerhouse in all areas of your life. I had to do the work before I figured it out, and it’s totally worth it.

Love, Sonia

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