We’re all in this together, the game of life or at least that’s the game I want to be playing. If you are someone who thinks life isn’t a game, read with caution and be open minded to this post.

Life is about strategy and focusing on the right things. If we focus our energy on unimportant things then we don’t score enough points and end up building a life that isn’t as fulfilling as we had hoped (Your Dreams). Don’t score low points, that isn’t what we are here to do. The stakes are high and the risks are totally worth it. The stakes will always be high when you take risks for the things you want. I would know because for SO long I focused on the wrong things and thought it would all work out the way I wanted it to. I’ll tell you over coffee one day how that worked out!

You see, your career is a game. It has a bunch of players just like you trying to be the best. Your relationships are also a game no matter how you feel about each other. Money is a game because it involves STRATEGY. FOCUS and ATTENTION. If you aren’t paying attention to money, it stays relatively the same and that’s no fun. What about that dream vacation to Europe you were thinking of doing?

So how do we survive the game for long? LONG game is where it’s at. If you like the fast lane, you haven’t learned certain lessons yet.

First we go through the basics and childhood where we are born into a certain family, location, education system, financial dependence and we are trained to act a certain way that is acceptable to these so called adults.

Then we move into young adult stage and we have TONS of energy and time. Depending on where you come from, you might have family money to blow as well. This is a stage most people  waste their time when they could be focusing on getting ahead. This is where we learn the fastest, have tons of energy, and are able to jump back into it after a full weekend of partying and BE OK. Be careful and proceed with caution, even though you may feel invincible you  still need to take care of yourself. Exercise, eat right, drink lots of water, learn something new and READ BOOKS. This stage is extremely fun when utilized, however, short lived. It goes way to fast.

Do you want to up your score now? Change location, location, location. Your environment has an impact on your stats and skills and also increases your chances of levelling up. For those of you living somewhere you don’t care to be because it’s boring and not a lot to do, you know what I mean. Depending on your lifestyle, moving closer to a big city can do wonders for your game because of the easy access to people, events, work and so many other wonderful things that come with it.

Finding the right partner is simple right? Especially today with so many options knocking at our doorsteps. (Maybe?) If you have excellent skills in this area you are more likely to find the right fit for you rather quickly. If you are always tired, irritable and closed you come across as unskilled and now your a player who is unappealing to other players. Believe me, I see it all the time. The lethargic, unenthused, no passion for life and you know they don’t take care of themselves.  Don’t go looking for a relationship when you are like this, it’s not cool. Also, try not to take rejection personally, you just need to re-energize yourself again and can get back in the game with the rest of us.  

If you’re exercising, socialising, well nourished and growing in your career, you will radiate attraction automatically. Now go looking in the right places and your vibrational frequency will be sure to attract someone as awesome as you are. Listen to Oprah on how she got the part in the Colour Purple and you’ll know what I mean.

MONEY – what is your relationship with money? Do you love money? Think it’s greedy or selfish? Do you envy people who make more money than you? Are you making enough money right now to afford your lifestyle? Money is an important resource we all need and is used as a tool, so figure out a way to make it so you can afford your life without relying on anyone else.

Later life is when our options change as the game progresses. You have more responsibility and reduced time and energy. At this point, we have gained more skills, resources and experience to achieve certain milestones in our life. For example: paying off a mortgage, married and had children etc.

It amazes me how many of us procrastinate and delay certain areas of our lives because we think we have forever. We don’t have forever. If we play the game  with focus and strategy, we can come out a top player with excellent scores, skills and experiences. That’s the game I want to play.  Staying in the bubble is safe and comforting and your score ends up LOW. Who wants to be a losing player? Not me.

One of my favourite video games EVER


My advice: Your time is NOW. Not tomorrow, so take that course you’ve always wanted, hire that coach to help you start your own business, sign up for that cooking class and LEARN, EXPERIENCE and GROW. Develop your skills in all areas possible and eventually, you will level up and all that strategizing will have paid off. Don’t believe me?

Reach out to me to learn more about my coaching and training programs to help strategize and come out as a TOP player in your game.




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