Do you ever feel like you just can’t get along with your team? Does it sometimes feel toxic in certain situations with team because no one is willing to be patient enough to understand each others view points and differences? Do you feel like sometimes there are very strong personalities and you can’t quite get them to meet you halfway? Sometimes you may not even understand how people operate because they are just SO different!

You are not alone.

It’s very common to feel and think this way when being on a team of high performers.

This is why I teach clients about DiSC in my training workshops. It is such a great tool to use for teams. Guess what? The man who came up with DiSC also created the lie detector test! William Moulton Martson began researching  a person’s sense of power and their effect on personality and human behaviour with his first book, “Emotions of Normal People” in 1928.  He did not create an assessment for DiSC but he came up with the theory behind it and later on it evolved into assessments for people to see where their personalities land on the quadrant.

Walter V. Clarke, an industrial psychologist, was the first person to build an assessment instrument (DiSC personality profile test) using Marston’s theories, even though that was not initially his intent.

The theory behind DiSC assessment is to help people learn to work more effectively with others. Through personal self-discovery and awareness into their behavioural strengths and challenges, participants who go through my workshop learn to relate to others. It can be used for training in the following subjects:

  • leadership and executive development
  • customer service
  • sales training
  • conflict management
  • team building
  • communication
  • job coaching

It is very powerful and participants LOVE learning about themselves and others. DiSC is fun and interesting  because participants genuinely want to know how to work better with other personalities. If you want a motivated team of high performers who get along with the slightest of ease, reach out to me and we can work on what challenges you face and how to incorporate DiSC into a learning opportunity.

-Sonia, High S in DiSC

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