Hello September!

Just this past Thursday, September 1st I facilitated my own customized training workshop titled Powerful Communications Workshop. This exciting program encompasses a few topics that I have a lot of experience and knowledge in and I’m finding just how valuable they are in the workplace to improve employee performance, job satisfaction and fostering a highly productive team.

Click here for a sneak preview on SlideShare

  1. DiSC Profiling
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Change and Transition
Emotional Intelligence

I was super excited for the opportunity to work with this client and train their staff. Never have I met such a wonderful group with such a willingness to share, learn, and participate in my workshop. This made facilitating easy and seamless. I know that not ALL training workshops are this seamless, however, I have the experience to navigate these challenging situations. I realized from this workshop that my experience alone is certainly of value in my facilitation because I can draw from my own experiences. Despite all the formal training I’ve completed up until now, my unique skills and even my amazing personality, EXPERIENCE is what makes all the difference. My personal and professional experience allows me to tell stories that people can relate to and this in turn reinforces their learning. STORYTELLING, the fancy term, is an effective way to connect with your learners and it also shows them your vulnerability and realness. My motto is to be real and honest with the audience and more importantly, I make learning fun. I think that’s been my biggest compliment so far which is that I relate to learners, they are receptive, and I ALWAYS make training fun!

I love it when I’m in front of a group of people and they look to me for answers. I love it when they are comfortable enough to share their pain points, experiences, and ask for help. When learners are willing to be vulnerable enough to learn and grow, this is the place where I work the magic. On September 1st, this was my experience at my client’s centre and I am happy that I’ve been asked to conduct a follow up session! Immediate feedback for a millennial like myself is extremely motivating and I can’t wait to take on the next training challenge.

If you have any questions or want to know more about my workshops, feel free to send me an email.


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