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Sonia is an insightful, empowering, and an exemplary professional coach. She challenged my thinking, helped me realized the potential I needed to see for myself and to top it all, a sense of clarity, now I have a solid feeling of where I should be. I can’t hide my excitement to work with a professional coach. It was a dream come true. I learned that true learning happens through experiences. Sonia listens to me like I am the center of her universe. She was never judgmental; she took me in with curiosity and love. I tapped into my feelings and intuition. Her authenticity, enthusiasm and genuine interest in helping me reach my goals made me realized that our relationship is exactly what I needed. I gained confidence and trust myself big time. I learned to unlearn and relearn certain things in my life. I was able to be kind to myself and forgave myself for all the times I forget my worth. Sonia is one of my wingless angels! Her wisdom, sense of humor and commitment to help support me reaching my maximum potential are just a few reasons why I love working with her. Believe me, there is so much more. I was ready to be challenged and moved forward if you are, Sonia is perfect for you!

Gladys Bamba, HR Professional

“Sonia is innovative, passionate and observant. I have been in two of Sonia’s workshops and loved how she developed an environment that supported the specific workshop. Sonia had a workshop on boundaries that was a small intimate group, a slow pace, and calming atmosphere. Additionally, Sonia herself embodied a seasoned facilitator who can adapt to any situation. What I learned from Sonia was envisioning what I want in a creative and tangible way and that is now something I seek and enjoy doing. The concept of boundaries was new to me, and it opened up a whole new world of empowerment and choice that I didn’t fully understand I could have before. Take part in one of her workshops or group sessions. Get to know her and her style and see if you think she would be a good fit, and then take her up on a discovery session. But be ready to put in the work to make the most of what the relationship can provide.”

Kate Whalen, Senior Manager at McMaster University

“Sonia is a passionate, insightful and caring coach who asks fabulous questions and offers new perspectives that helped foster my self awareness and personal growth. What I love about Sonia is her passion for life and for living and her ability to connect with her clients at the level they need in each session. As a result of coaching with Sonia, I have grown as a person, understanding what leadership means to be and how I want to show up as a leader both in the corporate world and in my life. Sonia has helped me connect to what really matters to me. I recommend Sonia as a coach for anyone who is looking to better understand who they are and where they want to focus their energy to make an impact on the world.”

Lisa Blanchet, People Change Management Leader + Change Coach at Manulife

“Sonia is enthusiastic, kind and friendly. I hired her as my coach and I noticed she asks clear, simple questions which guides you to the answers that are hidden within you. She knows how to guide you to find those answers without giving you the actual answers and I think that’s amazing and fascinating. Sonia helped me a lot in my self development journey. She helped me to become clear about what I want in my life and who do I wanna become as a person. I’m now stronger, more resilient and confidence than ever. Also I know now where I can find those characters within me when I feel lost or not at my best. She is a great coach for those who want to make a change in their life and grow.”

Donya Khandan, Financial Educator and Advisor

“Sonia is an insightful and dedicated executive trainer, coach, facilitator, and a leadership consultant. Her expertise in adult learning along with her human resources experience position her ideally for personal and organizational training. Sonia has helped our team develop a more effective way of communication, be more resourceful and strengthen our decision-making process. Her passion, her keen sense for human connections and psychological insight is what sets her apart.”

Olga Rozin Proger, Principle, The Palette Project

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